The Meme Mob Auction

Aurora, a devoted member of the $MEME community, presents the MEME Mob.

This week, we wanted to celebrate the success of $MEME, the strength of our community, and the incredibly talented artists who helped to make it all possible.

Aurora painted a canvas that captures the art of the original $MEME Artist Collection together, dubbed “The Meme Mob”. Featuring creations from: RektMe Rev, Sven, Vans, BigComicArt, Jon Noorlander, Spongenuity, Diego Rodriguez, The Block Times, Jonathan Wolfe, Fewocious, and Jose Delbo.

We thought it was such a creative way to capture $MEME history that we decided to turn it into an authentic 1 of 1 NFT and physical art canvas collectible for our community to hang on their wall and appreciate. That’s right — we’re physically shipping the canvas to the winner of the auction.

“The Meme Mob” Canvas & NFT [1 of 1]

The Auction

This is a unique NFT that is a representation of the physical original canvas painted by Aurora. The highest bidder will be able to claim this NFT and have the physical canvas shipped to them at the end of the auction.

After 24 hours, last-minute bids will trigger a 5-minute extension.
If there are no bids in 5minutes, the auction is over.

Note: because the auction is all on-chain, all bids are made in increments. Any additional transaction you make add on to previous bids.

We wanted to do something fun and creative with the distribution for this auction. We decided and all the artists featured agreed to evenly split the proceeds: each artist will receive 7.69% each. Jose Delbo has graciously offered to donate his share to charity.

The Work

The Meme Mob was hand-painted by Auroraxxxx in acrylics on a 40 x 30 canvas and sealed with satin varnish.

Meet Auroraxxxx

Aurora is a dedicated and devoted member of the $MEME community and moderator for the Telegram group. You can find her other MEME-themed canvas paintings on OpenSea.

Zak Walters had the chance to chat with her to learn more about what got her so interested in $MEME and creating this unique piece of art.

Zak: First things first, how did you first hear about $MEME?

Aurora: I remember seeing $MEME at $30 but there were so many crazy food coins at the time, but I kept up on following the project. When I saw Don’t Buy Meme trending like crazy on Twitter, I was pretty much hooked from then on. I broke the rules and bought some.

Zak: What is it about $MEME that got you so hooked?

Aurora: I really loved seeing all the artists drop their work. Plus, we got to farm it for just holding meme in the pools. I really enjoy it. The pressure is off from day trading, it’s fun, and you get great collectible pieces of art. The $MEME telegram is where I would normally hang out and got to know the artists and the community. Eventually, I became an admin for it, and damn. I’ve had so many laughs in there. Great bunch of people. What’s not to love?

Zak: What makes this particular piece special to you?

Aurora: The artwork came from meeting the artists and seeing them as friends hanging out in the telegram. I feeling like I knew the artists and had a special connection to their work, as we are always answering questions about them or the art itself. I still can’t believe my art is going up. I feel very honored and lucky. This actually brought a wee tear to my eye when I was asked to feature this piece on the official platform. I want to thank all the artists involved for allowing me to put it up, as it’s their work that I recreated. We will share the winnings between us — which is the right thing to do.

Jordan, you’re a rock star!




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