Surprise Pranksy NFT Airdrop on MEME Users

Check your wallet. You might be a proud owner of a new Pranksy NFT.

It’s been one month since launching the first Genesis pool. And we’d like to give back to all users that have joined us on this crazy journey of experimentation at the crossroads of DeFi and NFTs.

So we went and dropped a free Pranksy NFT on each and every one of you.


You get a Pranksy. And you get a Pranksy. And you get a Pranksy.

We did something a little different with this artist collab. We decided to airdrop an NFT to everyone who has used our product.

All wallets that have participated in any of the four $MEME staking pools up to or including block 10932905 have been gifted a new, exclusive NFT created by the one-and-only Pranksy.

That block represents roughly 30 days after the initial pool went live. That’s right, just one month has passed since deploying the Genesis pool. With three additional pools and 30 NFTs later, the MEME team has taken the DeFi and NFT worlds by storm. And we’re just getting started.

MEME ♥️ the MEME Community

$MEME = community. It’s part of our brand. It’s what drives us to innovate.

And owning $MEME is like having a loot box that you open once, but it keeps giving you dope stuff in perpetuity.

We’re glad to have you along for the ride.

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