Nifty’s, Backed by Major Investors, buys into MEME, v2 Date Announced

MEME will focus on DeFi. Nifty’s will focus on big brands and a mainstream audience.


  • Nifty’s buys into MEME, expanding the MEME universe, and will leverage the MEME token going forward
  • Nifty’s investors include Mark Cuban, Joseph Lubin, 0xb1, Biz Stone, and other leading crypto VCs
  • MEME doubles down on DeFi and community, plotting a course to decentralization
  • The much-anticipated MEME v2 is set to launch on April 12th 2021

MEME = Community

Together we pioneered NFT farming, featured dozens of amazing artists, made many charitable donations, and even gave back to a valued community member hit hard after COVID. But most importantly were the endless number of lols.

Today we’re excited to develop a partnership that will bring our teams together to further accelerate best in class experience and innovation for the NFT industry.

Introducing Nifty’s

The other MEME co-founders and I are also co-founders of Nifty’s and will run the product and eng organizations. This means MEME will play a foundational role in defining how the rest of the world experiences and comes to value NFTs, and that the technological innovation our MEME community is known for will underpin it all.

We are excited to utilize our tech to offer a new Nifty’s community sophisticated content and experiences that make the space more accessible and inclusive.

Investors in Nifty’s include Mark Cuban, Joseph Lubin, 0xb1, Tim Draper, Polychain, Liberty City Ventures, and Biz Stone and Fred Blackford’s Future Positive.

Stay tuned for additional announcements on the Nifty’s launch this Spring.

📄 Read the Nifty’s press release

What Does This Mean for MEME?

MEME will continue to:

  • Put community first while innovating at the intersection of NFTs and DeFi
  • Bring accessibility to NFT collecting with features beyond staking
  • Highlight top artists around the NFT ecosystem
  • Serve as a launchpad introducing new artists

Benefits to the MEME community:

  • $MEME holders will get early beta access to Nifty’s products
  • Exclusive access to community channels and special events
  • Exclusive Nifty’s NFTs only for MEME holders
  • With an expanded budget the MEME team can hire additional resources and pursue a focused roadmap
  • This unlocks an opportunity to move toward a more decentralized MEME governance

V2 and Beyond

Preview of MEME v2 coming in April

MEME version 2 updates include:

  • A more streamlined NFT farming experience
  • Improvements to UX in artist discovery
  • Platform flexibility giving artists more control over their drops
  • A percentage of platform fees will flow back to the users of the platform
  • Oh, and the third third most valuable living artist

After v2 things get even more interesting as the team is already at work on L2 scaling solutions, advanced tokenomics, community curation, and an effort to further decentralize the protocol.

2021 is a big year for MEME.

We’re Hiring

Eric, Chris and I want to thank you for your continued support for MEME. Your passion, commitment, and ideas are what keep us going.

Together we will continue to accelerate the pace of NFT innovation and have fun while doing it!


Jordan Lyall

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