NFT Auctions come to the $MEME Platform

New Features! New Art! New Newness!

Three weeks ago we announced the $MEME Artist Series with the first drop by digital artist, Sven Eberwein.

Sven is back with a fifth and final work in this series: Pineapple Ponzi (below). But this time, only one NFT exists and it will be up for auction today, October 7, 2020 at 6PM EST.

➡️ Submit a bid for Pineapple Ponzi

Pineapple Ponzi (1 of 1) Now up for auction.

This fifth and final work of the SVEN x $MEME 🍍 Series was almost lost forever. Fortunately, we rescued it at the last minute and chose to auction it as a single edition.

That’s right, this piece is 1 of 1. Only the highest bidder will be able to claim this NFT at the end of the auction.

The auction duration is 5 days. It will end on Monday, Oct 12 at 6PM EST.

All bids are made with the $MEME token.

Ten percent of the auction proceeds goes to charity.

Update: Sven and the Meme team have chosen to donate 10% of the auction proceeds to SheFi. SheFi is a DeFi education initiative for women and donates pooled funds to nonprofits educating women in STEM.

➡️ Submit a bid for Pineapple Ponzi

With the success of the Sven Pool, our first experiment in direct artist drops, $MEME has become a platform for digital artists.

MEME is unique to any other NFT platform. We’ve pioneered NFT farming.

A user visits the website and instead of buying or placing a bid, they engage by staking $MEME tokens. Locking up tokens over a period of time earns them pineapple points. They can then redeem these pineapple points for rare and exclusive NFTs.

Instead of only a few whales buying up all the art, the artist is able to engage a larger community of users. Even the average user gets to participate, feel a part of the community, and walk away with some digital art!

And now, with the introduction of $MEME Auctions, a more holistic artist engagement platform has emerged.

It’s really the best of both worlds. The artist profits. They create engagement from the community. And the art isn’t limited to just the whales.

$MEME = DeFi x NFTs

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please shoot us an email: