MEMEX Launch Date

It’s almost here. October 4th is the date we’re setting to release the fully revamped MEMEX platform that will bring the community back to it’s roots plus an insane amount of features we’re coming out of the gate with.

MEMEX focus going forward as a platform:

  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Low cost of entry
  • Eliminating gas wars
  • Security
  • Providing value to collectors

Layer 2

To ensure that the platform can scale and limit gas wars, MemeX will be launched on the L2 Fantom network. Fantom provides the following:

  • Fast bridge between Ethereum
  • Transactions confirm within one second
  • Low gas costs

Big thank you to the Fantom team for helping us in our transition process. They have one the best teams in crypto ❤.


We are launching the new platform as a DAO. We believe that it is important for platforms to be decentralized and governed by its community. MEMEX will always operate to benefit its community. It is very important that this platform is not built for ourselves. The $MEME token will be required to participate in the governance process.


  1. Stake once in MEME or LP
  2. Receive Pina
  3. Choose which drops you want to enter

Initial Drop Mechanic

We will introduce a new lottery function to the community. Users who stake the token can decide which lotteries they want to spend their Pina on.

There is also a twist to ensure that we can provide NFTs at low cost but also ensure the artist is compensated for their work. We will be introducing a boost function. Buy boost, get better odds at a rare NFT within the lottery.

Artist Applications

Artist applications are closed for now as we will be experimenting with different drop variables to ensure all artists can be successful within our platform. Will plan to open applications one month after launch.

Upcoming MEMEX Drops:

Raf Grasseti


Jon Noorlander


The Gremlins

++ Many more artists.

Guardians of $MEME (A collectible project)

The drop will be a way to ensure the protocol is properly funded and that the developers have ownership in the MEMEX protocol. Half of the funds raised from this collectible project will go towards buying $MEME for the team (paid monthly). The other half will be sent to treasury for protocol development and LP.

MEMEX Cards: Generations (Collectible Card Series)

…and many many more exciting drops soon to come.

Thank you for being patient while the team works hard to put a new platform together.

Stay tuned,

Silver Surfer




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