MEME’s First Artist Residency: The Block Times

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The feedback from the community has been heard: More farmable NFTs without minting fees that aren’t just free — but proven quality collectibles. The Block Times has stepped up to the plate and offered to create art for the community to help bring MEME back to its roots and provide farmable rare and collectible digital art for free.


The Block Times is MEME’s first resident artist and will be exclusively dropping their weekly digital NFT newspaper every Monday at 5:00pm ET. Each drop will include a 1/1 auction (The Gilded Edition), a free 10/10 (The Limited Edition) and a free 50/50 (The Standard Edition). Stake $MEME, farm pineapples, get free rare exclusive NFTs.

The Block Times is the first collectible digital NFT newspaper that tokenizes crypto history as moments in time, forever locking them in an immutable format that doubles as art and proof of attendance.

In terms of sheer size, nothing compares to the collectibility of history and the nostalgia that comes with it. When we created The Block Times, we set out to create the first way for the community to collect moments in time so they can own digital proof of their attendance for those events. The art adds value subjectively, but we wanted to create something that has real intrinsic utility with NFTs.
Zak Walters, Founder — The Block Times

The Weekly Drop

Every Monday at 5PM EST, The Block Times will be dropping exclusively on MEME — no longer being available on Rarible or OpenSea. We’ve partnered together to bring the community one of our most successful artists on the platform for the foreseeable future.

The Block Times aims to be the first decentralized and democratized media source the world has ever seen and are currently developing their own platform as a DAO that will allow the community to vote on the hottest and most significant news of the week. Leaving behind the days of fake news and biased stories in a time the world has little faith in traditional media sources.

Each week, there will be 3 NFTs available for all varieties of collectors with cascading rarities to make it fun and obtainable for everyone in the MEME community:

The Gilded Edition — 1 of 1


The gilded edition is a hyper-rare gold variant of The Block Times for that week. Only one will ever exist for that week’s news, forever and always. The gilded edition will be available as a 24-hour auction at the time of the drop.

Notable gilded edition sales:
Pineapple Express: 22 ETH to Max Stealth

MEME Goes v2: 8.8 MEME ($27,000) to 0xB1

The Limited Edition — 10 of 10

Minting Fee: 0 ETH
Pineapples Required: 30

The Limited Edition is a full color and animated variant of The Block Times for that week, with only 10 available.

The Standard Edition — 50 of 50

Minting Fee: 0 ETH
Pineapples Required: 10

The Standard Edition is a black and white variant of The Block Times with only 50 available for mint and serves as a collectible moment in history for that week’s hottest news.

Today’s Drop!

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The Block Times is kicking off their residency on MEME with one of the most historic moments few of you have failed to hear about, Vitalik donating $1B to India’s Covid Relief Fund which is the single largest donation ever made in cryptocurrency by any individual person.

Largest Donation in Crypto History — Gilded

Largest Donation in Crypto History — Limited

Largest Donation in Crypto History — Standard

You can begin participating immediately by staking in The Block Times pool and saving up your pineapples weekly for every drop on Monday!

The residency of The Block Times begins today at 5PM EST, get your pineapples ready!

>> View the Drop <<

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