MEME x Simon Wan

Today marks a special day in MEME history as Simon Wan has geared up his drop “OBLIQUITY” — set to release today, June 1st, at 1:37 EST.

View the drop here

About ‘OBLIQUITY’ by Simon Wan

Simon Wan describes OBLIQUITY as:
A series of neon, loud, non-looping, hyper, audiovisual portraits of 21 characters from the 21st century that are 21 seconds each. A collection that can only exist in the digital world, unless I make them into a flick book and stand behind you with a boom-box and shout stuff while you fiddle with my artistic junk.


2 physical artworks are available for auction! The winner can share their shipping information to to have the portraits shipped to them.

Hex Face

1 of 1

Roman Numerizzles

1 of 1

Obliquity Bonus NFTs

According to Simon, here are the rules:
“If a collector manages to collect all 21 OBLIQUITY Audiovisual NFTs then they get a unique physical artwork commission in Sharpie (and NFT of it) created following a zoom/phone meeting where I find out what makes your knob twitch or your tits jiggle with glee.”

Additionally, if a collector manages to collect ANY 12 Simon Wan NFTs, they will get 1 personalized OBLIQUITY NFT Audiovisual Portrait based on themselves or a person they choose.

View the drop here

About Simon

Simon Wan watched Back to the Future and decided that girls, guitars, skateboards, floating cars, stolen nuclear parts and wiley old men were the way forward. Having spent his teenage years as a rave MC, his young manhood as a filmmaker, his quarter-life crisis as a singer, his nervous breakdown as an author, his comeback tour as an actor and his whole life as an artist, he has come to the conclusion that your kids are in fact, gunna love it.

My collection ‘OBLIQUITY’ is a series of non looped A/V hyper neon portraits of 21 unique characters of the 21st Century, each lasting 21 seconds that can only exist in the NFT and crypto art space. In parallel to my physical art, it’s loud, garish, unashamed and unapologetic. (Unless you hate it, then sorry about that)

What first got you into NFT Art?

My best friend and SUPER MASSIVE production partner Robin Schmidt (The Defiant) forced me into it. He ran away to Europe to make babies and fat stacks using his futuristic next-level robo brain and found himself balls deep in the cryptoverse.

He told me I was a moron for not experimenting in the NFT space, so together we cooked up a project we called ‘The Rug Pull’ where we placed an exploding bomb in an NFT and I only really understood half of what we were doing. It was an experiment in art, greed and community and looking back, it was pretty nice.

What about $MEME tickles your fancy?

I like the vibe, the ethos and the whole, ‘we’re gunna do it so suck it up’. Having worked with them on The Rug Pull, the most interesting thing about these guys and girls is that they are the ones who say yeah, we can do that, let’s make that happen. There’s a lot of hot air in a world concerning blockchain and $MEME put their cyber money where their digital mouths are. They take risks, aren’t scared to get things wrong and are legitimately creating waves that are, and already have changed the way we interact with both art and artists.

What’s next for you as an artist?

I want to explore the relationships between my physical art style and my digital performance NFT’s in the VR world. I’m a big fan of what Artur is doing with Somnium Space, so I’d definitely love to dip my toe in there with Robin and SUPERMASSIVE.

How do you define your creative process?

My creative process is driven entirely by having fun while I’m doin it and a large spoonful of risk and reward. Make that mark on a board, video yourself spewing a stream of facts, don’t question what you do because if you start to think about it too much, that initial spark, that one little pop that went off in your head that said ‘oh, that would be cool’ gets trampled down with ‘ah, but what about this..’ and ‘yeah, but someone did that …’ Ultimately the creative process is like a drug, only this time I urge everyone to get extremely high on their own supply. I always have fun when I create, and if something I put into the world brings any amount of joy to anyone no matter how insightful or insignificant, then for me, that’s the sprinkles on the doughnut.




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