MEME x Rare Designer — ‘MEGA RARE Auction’

Today kicks off our 2-day event taking place 7/8 and 7/10 for Rare Designer’s MEGA Rare Auction for his “Don’t Be Anonymous” series.

The 2-day event will feature 10 unique one-of-one NFTs, each available for auction. Plus one bonus NFT!

Each NFT in this drop has a special utility… Each NFT holder will receive 50% of the ROBOT rewards earned from sales of MetaFactory merchandise that leverages the design passively every 6 weeks.

That’s right, each NFT will be leveraged in MetaFactory merchandise. When someone purchases an item, you’ll earn rewards.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the drip:

Learn more about the drop rewards in Rare Designer’s own words in his blog post.

The Drop: Don’t Be Anonymous

The drop kicks off today 7/8 and Saturday 7/10 at 13:37 EST. Each day will host 5 auctions that will last 24 hours.

>> View the Drop <<

Part I — 7/8 @ 13:37 EST

Pineapple Anonymous — 1 of 1

Killernonymous — 1 of 1

Sheilonymous — 1 of 1

Punknonymous — 1 of 1

Skatenonymous — 1 of 1

Part II — 7/10 @ 13:37 EST

Rare Pinneaple — 1 of 1

Cyborgnonymous — 1 of 1

Apenonymous — 1 of 1

Dogenonymous — 1 of 1

The creation of … (Side A)— 1 of 1

The winner of “The Creation Of…(Side A)” will also receive The Creation Of…(Side B) as a bonus NFT! This NFT will be revealed and released on Saturday, 7/10 and airdropped to the winner!




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