Today we’re happy to announce Ponygirl is dropping on MEME at 1:37 EST!

Born in Boston, now located in Northern WA, I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. It’s always been the absolute best outlet and therapy for me. As a super introverted person, photography opened the gates for me to finally be able to share my emotions and connect with others about theirs. I’ve started to mix motion with my photography, and that has given me the ability to execute my visions more clearly. I couldn’t be more excited to keep exploring both photo and video more, and to continue to create.

The Journey drops on @ 13:37 EST — View The Drop

‘The Journey’ is a visual representation of the transitional phases I’ve experienced while trying to devote my life to art, an internal passage to follow the dreams I have for myself. I feel as though I have just entered the next stage in my life, by leaving my day job behind and choosing to make a life with my art. The Journey is forever, I’ll never make it to the next stage if I’m not trying to get there.

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The Journey drops on 6/18 @ 13:37 EST — View The Drop

How did you officially hear about $MEME?

I heard some things about $MEME through following Fewocious and his incredible art, but I was officially introduced to $MEME when you dropped with Tyedied. I’m actually the dark figure you see in all of the pieces in Tye’s first $MEME drop. I remember being confused about what pineapples even meant, but I was instantly intrigued.

How would you describe your creative process?

All the moving pieces in this drop are made from real footage of me out in the world, really walking through these places. I traced what seemed like an endless amount of frames of myself in these videos to make the character you see in each piece.

Nothing makes me happier than going out into nature to make art. I live for those freezing cold overly tired times, bleeding from the thorns, pushing my limits, it’s everything to me. It will lift me from the dead and revitalize me. And every time this happens , I remember that this is what I was meant for , no matter who notices.

Where do you think NFT art be in 3–5 years?

I see NFT’s in a much more stable place a few years from now. I think a lot of the kinks will get worked out, and the minting processes will become easier and more consistent. I also believe a lot of people that got in for a quick dip will be flushed out for the most part. I see more artists taking the time to make well thought out drops, which is so cool because I’m sure tons of amazing work will come from that. At the same time, I can only hope that all sorts of people from all walks of life will be able to join in on the nft community in the future.

What’s next for you as an artist in your ‘journey’?

I plan to go all in as an artist. I just worked my last shift at my grocery store job a few days before turning in my $MEME project. It’s the first time in my life that I’ll be supporting myself solely off of my art. I have endless ideas I want to create and finally don’t have the excuse of having to work, nor do I have the comfort of a paycheck every week. I’ve never felt more motivated in my life.

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