MEME x OIN Community NFT Partnership

MEME welcomes OIN as its next community NFT drop. More from OIN:

NFTs have been experiencing a growth boom. Records are seemingly being broken every other week and we’re also seeing many celebrities cashing in on the trend. This technology allows artists and content creators to not only ensure transparent ownership and copyright over their work but to also be able to distribute and sell it in a decentralized manner. This means more money goes to the artist since he is directly selling his work to the fans with no middlemen involved. And the potential does not end with the digital art market alone, as many industries such as gaming, music, and sports collectibles are rapidly being disrupted by NFTs.

Partnership Details

A 2-part partnership:

1. OIN and MEME will create a fast-track for partners of OIN and those listed on the OINDAO to create their very own NFT collections on the MEME platform!

2. OIN will create its very own NFT collection!

The partnership will allow users and companies using OINDAO to stake our USDO1 stablecoin and earn Pineapple credits in return. In doing so, our stablecoin will have its own first utility case by giving OINDAO users the opportunity to redeem the farmed Pineapple credits for NFTs. Facilitating the purchase, issue, and listing of NFTs in the MEME platform, this partnership will offer our users a convenient and direct way to take part in the NFT industry.

“We can’t be more excited to bring such a great partnership to our community. Not only will this give us a great opportunity to bring together the OIN community, but also provide a simple, easy method for partner projects to join in on the NFTs. This is an amazing way to do something exciting for the community themselves, solely for the community. We can’t wait to see the MEME-based NFTs go live, and can’t wait to see our community’s reaction when they finally get one in their wallets!”

— Daniel Kwak, Marketing Director

About OIN

OIN is a decentralized stablecoin issuance and trading platform. While MakerDao allows only mainstream assets to be used as collateral to issue DAI, OIN DAO allows projects, large or small, to issue their own brand labeled synthetic assets that are collateralized by their own coins; in essence, any projects can mint their own stablecoins to participate in the greater DeFi ecosystem. Starting with Ethereum, and gradually expanding to other popular ecosystems such as Polkadot, Avalanche, and Near, OIN is on track to become a one-stop shop for cross-chain stablecoin issuance, trading, and implementation.

With planned off-ramps and use cases such as swapping for other mainstream stablecoins, adding leverage, hedging, lending, and a plethora of ecosystem-specific utility, OIN is expanding DeFi to cover all of the crypto space.

For all the recent updates and progress, connect with OIN Finance:

Homepage | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub | E-mail




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