MEME x Giusy: Travis Scott Dunk — Multiverses

We have a very special drop going love on MEME tomorrow, not only with rare digital art but a super rare physical item to go along with it, too.

Travis Scott Dunk — Multiverses goes live 6/25 @ 1:37 EST

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Travis Scott Dunk — Multiverses

A year ago, I collaborated with Lobby Hamburg and Nike SB on a digital artwork piece for the release of the NikeSB Travis Scott Dunk. Back then my contribution to the project was a CGI environment in which I included a complete 3D scan of the sneaker. The focus was to showcase the shoe in the digital multiverse. Lobby and myself have decided to release a special edition of the former 2020 digital still, which now has been translated into an animated one. I conceptualized an animated environment of lucid metal that casts its shadow on the Nike Dunk by the Sunset. The animated piece visually mirrors a feeling of the surface temperature fluctuation. Consequently, I named the auction piece Dunk Mercury.

Dunk Mercury

1 of 1 Auction + Physical

The winner of the auction will be able to own the digital art plus connected physical elements to it:

  • the limited-edition sneakers (size 9)
  • a hand-signed poster
  • a certificate of authenticity

This NFT release combines the collective value of a Digital Art piece with the collective value of a limited-edition sneaker.

Farmable NFTs

Thematically the still environments tap into different aspects of space, star constellations and minerals as the Nike Dunk is placed in various possibilities of the multiverse. Such as a quartz stone surrounding which visually seems to move between two different states of aggregation through reflecting surfaces, named Dunk Quartz.

Dunk Quartz

10 of 10 — Farmable

Or possibly a pink cloud which color spectral mimics the space nebular; named Dunk Nebula.

Dunk Nebula

30 of 30 — Farmable

Last but not least I gained inspiration from the Cygnus star constellation to give the Nike Dunk two glass-like cybernetic wings of a swan. Named Dunk Cygnus.

Dunk Cygnus

75 of 75 — Farmable

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Giusy Amoroso

Giusy is a Berlin based Director, digital artist and co-founder of IOR50 studio. Originally from Italy, Giusy has developed a distinct visual style that frequently is finished off with a metallic edge.She is working at the intersection between science, technology and nature and as co-founder of IOR50 Studio, she develops creative technology solutions using biased rendering, real time engines and experimental approaches. Most of her creations feature inspirations of our world’s biodiversity. Previous clients include: Lol Esports, Riot Games, Nike, BBC, Harper’s Bazaar, Boiler room TV, Cartoon Network IT, Reebok, Nike SB x Travis Scott and more.

Behind the scenes creating the drop:

What most excites me is, how NFTs can potentially empower artists to become independent from external interests and allow them to focus on their own creative ideas and processes. It gives you the possibility to gain more financial independence. Artists reclaim the opportunity to say no to commercial projects, that they might have not been interested in the first place, because they wouldn´t contribute to their personal growth.

NFTs really contribute to the independence of content and workflow of an artist.

What’s next for you as a digital artist?

I try my best to focus on the now and to interconnect to who I am today, this helps to emphasize the visual momentum of the digital art I create. Just like the constant change of the digital multiverse, we as human beings change. Only time can tell what will be next. What I do hope for is that in the future the spotlight on NFT´s and digital art remains to be as strong as it is now, for artists and their communities to further grow.

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