$MEME Monthly Recap: October 2020

It’s been a busy October. Let’s review.

Stani Genesis and LP Genesis Drop

We released a special Hallow-meme collection featuring Stani from Aave.

MetaFactory x MEME merch collab

MetaFactory released 72 exclusive tees.

Synthetix x MEME collab announced

We partnered with Synthetix to providing an exclusive NFT to early testers of their Kwenta exchange.

Meme HQ Launch Party in Decentraland

We had an awesome launch party in our new pineapple shaped HQ building within Decentraland.

Auction Functionality Announced

We launched an auction feature to the Meme platform.

Sven’s Pineapple Ponzi Auction

The final piece of Sven’s drop included a 1 of 1 NFT that sold for 80.5 $MEME

Rarible adds MEME Category

Tap the “Meme” tab on Rarible for a quick way to guarantee you’re looking at authentic Meme NFTs.

MEME funds Gitcoin grant

The Meme community is a generous bunch.

MEME listed on OKEX

We told people “dont list”, but they didn’t listen.

Surprise MemeBoi 2.0 Wild Card Drop

The wild card surprise drop was… wild.

VansDesign Artist Pool Drop

MEME x Decnt Co Merch Collab

More merch! This time with DcENT. To buy a shirt , hoodie, or canvas you must first prove you own the NFT.

Kain Genesis and LP Genesis Drop

Stani asked for his buddy Kain to be memed and the Meme team didn’t hesitate.

MEME x Bitcoin Origins Collab Announcement

We announced a cool new collab with the amazing Bitcoin Origins team.

MEME x BadgerDao Announcement

Cool new DAO called BadgerDAO will collab on a new collection of NFTs.

Jon Noorlander Artist Drop

New 3D animated art from acclaimed artist Jon Noorland dropped.

Coin Artist Genesis Collection

Don’t buy COIN. The Coin Artist rare cards quickly sold out, but the Legendary and Common cards are still available.

Diego Rodriguez Artist Drop Announcement

Lastly, we just announced the next drop in the Artist Series. Non other than the amazing Diego Rodriquez.

It was a whirlwind of a month. But believe us when we say November will be even crazier. Stay tuned!

As always, if you have suggestions on what we’re doing or things you’d like to see, please reach out on Twitter or email dontbuy@dontbuymeme.com.

Love and pineapples,
Jordan and the $MEME Team

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