Meme Membership Airdrop

Now that we’ve wrapped up the Meme VIP drop, it’s time to celebrate our community’s success with an airdrop on behalf of our loyal community. If you held your MEME VIP on March 25th @ 5PM EST, congratulations, you just received our yearly membership drop.

While Meme VIP collectibles are built for the Meme experience on the Ethereum network; Meme Membership cards are built for the marketplace on the Fantom network. These cards will unlock features, drops and bonuses to come on the platform.

At the end of each year, all Meme VIP holders will be airdropped a new Meme Membership card. The best way to experience Meme is by holding both the Meme VIP and the Meme Membership card together.

The Fantom Network

Fantom is an EVM compatible blockchain. This means you’re able to interact with the Fantom network, similarly to Ethereum. This allows you to use the same wallet providers you are already used to, like MetaMask. The only difference being is that the wallet connects to a different network with the same address. Keep in mind that this requires you to add the Fantom Network to your wallet.

If you’re using MetaMask, the steps to add the Fantom network info can be found on the Fantom website here.

View and sell your NFTs on Fantom

You can interact with the Meme Membership collection on the following Fantom NFT Marketplaces:

Artion [Listing in progress]

Fantom uses the FTM token for gas costs

Just like Ethereum, Fantom uses the FTM token for gas. Although gas costs are 100 times less than your standard ethereum transaction, you still need some tokens to transact on the network.

How to buy FTM token on Uniswap

You can buy FTM on Uniswap, just like any other token on Ethereum. Once you’ve purchased the tokens, you can then bridge the FTM token to the Fantom network to begin using the dapps on the Fantom blockchain.

To Purchase FTM:

  1. Go to Uniswap
  2. Trade ETH for the FTM token. The Fantom token uses the following contract address: 0x4E15361FD6b4BB609Fa63C81A2be19d873717870
  3. Swap your ETH for FTM.

Keep in mind that 500 FTM tokens will cover you for thousands of transactions.

How To Bridge Your FTM Token To Fantom

You can go to to begin the bridge process:

  1. Ensure the “From” field is set to Ethereum Mainnet and the token transferred is the FTM Token
  2. On the “To” field, ensure you’ve selected the Fantom Network.
  3. Click Approve FTM and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  4. Click Swap and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  5. Wait for your Fantom tokens to arrive on the Fantom chain within 3–5 Minutes.

You may also use these same steps to bridge over the Meme Inu token over to the Fantom Network in preparation for the platform launch. Just replace the FTM token with MEME Inu.

If you have any issues with the airdrop, please reach out to us on discord.




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