MEME Commemorative Drop: STARMEME

Get ready for a $MEME drop that’s out of this world.

Continuing on for what is shaping up to be one of the biggest weeks for $MEME yet, we’re excited to announce The STARMEME drop. This is a unique collection from the mind of a recent addition to the $MEME artist community, Aymeric, that features very special collaborations from others in the Artist Series.

STARMEME is a nod to the 3-year anniversary of Space X launching the Tesla Roadster into outer space and highlights the epic moments that continue to drive $MEME into the future of DeFi and NFTs.

The drop showcases the eye for detail we’ve come to love from Aymeric’s work and is littered with $MEME nuggets including cameos from previous artists Fewocious, Jon Noorlander, and The Block Times — revenue will be shared with the featured artists.

Just like SpaceX’s history-making event, this drop features an ode to the late David Bowie and his seminal ‘Starman’ with each piece of the collection named with lyrics from the song.

Aymeric had this to say about the drop:

I’d been in a doomscroll of Elon’s twitter and found myself going down a bit of a SpaceX wormhole and I remembered the launch. I was glued to the computer that day. I don’t think I got much work done, it was just epic.

The nerves pre launch to then actually seeing Starman floating in the sky. Got me thinking ‘Where is Starman now?’. My mind kinda just goes nuts sometimes and I pictured the car zooming through space Futurama style and then boom, STARMEME hit me. I reached out to the artists and got their buy in and here we are!

⏰ STARMEME is Dropping Saturday, February 6th, 2021 at 3:46PM EST.

The Drop

🍍 Auction (1 of 1)

The 1 of 1 NFT follows the adventures of Starman as his Roadster flies through the galaxy in a Futur(ama) — re-imagined.

Farmable NFTs

Hazy cosmic jive (10 of 10)
10 Available for mint

If we can sparkle he may land tonight (100 of 100)
100 Available for mint

Waiting in the sky (250 of 250)
250 Available for mint

⏰ STARMEME is Dropping Saturday, February 6th, 2021 at 3:46PM EST.

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