MEME Artist Series Week #2

We’re hitting the ground running with another week packed full of incredible artists, and with them, are more rare NFTs exclusive to MEME!

4/20 — Graffiti Kings

4/21 — Kitty Bast

4/23 — Amrit Pal Singh

Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings kicks off this week on 4/20 — at 13:37 EST

Graffiti Kings comes to MEME and with them, is the largest verified graffiti art page on Facebook with over 2.3 Million followers and have created art for Jack Daniel’s, Lego, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Justin Bieber, Playstation, Nike, Sony, Red Bull, Adidas, Google among many others.

They’ve even painted murals across the streets of London for many TV shows and movies we’re all huge fans of like: Game of Thrones, The Maze Runner, Suicide Squad, and The Shape of Water.

This video speaks volumes to the scale of their work:

When asked what got them originally making NFT’s, Darren Cullen had this to say:

The Covid Stock Market crash in March 2020 made us look elsewhere for investments to protect our wealth, we came across Bitcoin and the rabbit hole led us to NFT cryptoverse. Long story short, I sold my car and family home and went ALL IN on Crypto.

We found their upbringing and story really interesting, as they have been really active in the Graffiti Art world for so long — it just goes to show how much of an impact NFTs have had as a new art medium and the opportunities it gives for creativity.

We’ve been playing on the broken Britain streets of London since the early 70s & in the 80s we scuffed our hands & knees in the golden era of UK BMXing and Skateboarding 🌈 but they were too easy so we stuck to being Vandals 💀💣💥 not rebels 💐🦋🧸

London Graffiti was the perfect girlfriend ❤️ We would spend every spare minute of the day painting on the side of any surface possible. Then we painted it on the side of the London transport system 💪 while dodging laser tripwires, razor-sharp fences, Police & the mighty electric 3rd rail 🤯⚡⚡⚡
— Darren Cullen


Graffiti Kings drop is happening 4/20/2021 @ 13:37 EST

Graffiti on MEME Street (1 of 1)

Reves One
IG :@therevesone

Pineapple Pug (10 of 10)


Dodo MEME (50 of 50)

Reves One
IG :@therevesone

The MEME Martian (100 of 100)


Kitty Bast

Kitty Bast drops on MEME this week on 4/21 — at 13:37 EST

Kitty Bast is an award-winning artist working in Manchester, UK with an extensive Fine Art background. Kitty has exhibited her art internationally. The works are peculiar representations, often with body marks or tattoos, rich with symbolism & references to popular culture. Animals love to make appearances, as well as crypto culture. Mostly exploring perceptions of the body and how one ‘becomes’. Sometimes reflecting those perceptions back to the viewer.

Kitty originally heard about MEME from a long-time community member and artist, Auroraxxxx. This is what she loves about what the MEME Project is doing:

I love how a percentage of the sales are going to a charity of the artist’s choice, not only giving artists exposure through collaborating, but the charities as well.

When we asked her about what excites her about NFTs in general, she had this to say:

There are infinite possibilities with NFTs. How does our future look? Will McDonalds start using NFTs as part of a Happy Meal to get away from physical waste? Do NFTs solve the problem of storing physicals in the artworld. The history of artists being verified, for example; Simply Being able to prove that I was the first person to put changeable tattoos on Async is so cool! I’m excited to have been on the frontline in this movement, experimenting with new tech such as programmable art.

Her realization about the simultaneous effect her works had on people, what she calls a “dark seduction”, was also really interesting to learn more about:

This is not something I do on purpose, I just make and it ‘happens’. I tend to become blind to my work, like an absolute immersion, as if I cannot see myself. I plug myself in when making, so the viewer is receiving my raw honesty & self, even if it comes from a dark place, it is real. After all, art is my safe place, yet at the same time it shows me things I may have been better off not knowing.


Kitty Bast drops on MEME 4/21/2021 @ 13:37 EST

Pineapple Hills (1 of 1)


“So many faces. So many places. Nothing compares to those green and orange hills.”

The First Rule of MEME Club is… (10 of 10)


“Don’t Buy MEME.”

PINeapple Head (100 of 100)


“I want to hear you confess.”

A Secret Song (250 of 250)


“It sounds like razors through flesh.”

Amrit Pal Singh

Amrit Pal Singh comes to MEME this week on 4/23 — at 13:37 EST

Amrit is a 3D Illustrator, Art Director, and an NFT Artists with an immense love for play, world cinema, and Nutella. Amrit is known for creating whimsical 3D illustrations and diversity-driven design. They are widely known by most in the NFT space for their project called Toy Faces, a fun diverse library of 3D avatars for your design mockups and commercial projects.

For the last 10 years, Amrit has had the pleasure of working with clients around the globe and also design their own line of products including mobile apps, picture books, card games, and custom apparel.

When asked about the inception of Toy Faces and what first got them into NFT art, they said:

Toy Faces started as a design asset, then I started doing custom Toy Faces to expand its reach. NFTs is the third step of its evolution intersecting with art and collectibles. I love how convenient it is to sell digital goods and that is what attracted me to NFTs. Once I learned more there was no doubt that I wanted to try this out.

We found Amrit’s inspiration and creative process fascinating because of how much these feelings he mentions really shine in their work:

My art is all about exploring nostalgia and a childlike sense of wonder. I create things that inspire me and excite me. I like to be minimal in my approach and I love to experiment with colors. I have started reading a lot about the history of portraiture because of Toy Faces and that has really influenced the way I work. I absorb everything I learn from the past and try to channel it through my art.

With so much love and support from the NFT community, there was one question begging to get answered, “What’s next for you as a Digital Artist?”

I am fascinated by the history of portraiture, portraits have always been more than just a record. It represents so much more and I am keen on pushing the boundaries of what I can do with Toy Faces. I plan to do a lot of collaborations and try different models of selling, I am very excited about playing around and learning on the way.
— Amrit Pal Singh

Without further ado, we introduce to you the exclusively-on-MEME toy faces created by Amrit, “Toy Faces — Whimsical Matter”:


Amrit Pal Singh drops on MEME 4/23/2021 @ 13:37 EST

Unicorn Metal Toy Face (1 of 1)


Radioactive Glimmer Toy Face (10 of 10)


Wooden Toy Face (100 of 100)


Glazed Toy Face (250 of 250)


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