$MEME Artist Drop 9: Aymeric

Start your engines and stake $MEME to earn exclusive NFTs from Aymeric and bid on a 1 of 1 original.

Everyone from the MEME team is ecstatic to welcome Aymeric in joining the $MEME Artist Series with open arms.

Aymeric is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Sydney, Australia, and is currently based in Paris, France. He’s been exploring different visual art mediums since he was just 8 years old, continuing through his time at art school and universities.

Since then, he’s been specializing in video with a focus on 3D animation, editing, visual effects, and motion graphics. For the past decade, he primarily worked in studios and several agencies but has since transitioned into a solo art career. Between freelance video work, art direction, and photography, he’s been able to get back to the artistic roots he explored at an early age.

The current series he’s working on, “Art x Cars”, highlights the intersection of traditional car masculinity and the often-perceived femininity of art in Western culture. This cross between these two views of art is where his reconstruction of classic sports cars with 3D software is made, adding contemporary artist’s work over the body — each telling its own story.

This is where his story and work with $MEME begins.

⏰$MEME x Aymeric Collab Dropping Tuesday, January 19th, 2021.

The Drop

The 1985 MEMEborghini Countach (1 of 1)

Additionally, three pieces will go into the Aymeric pool where you can stake a maximum of 5 $MEME to earn pineapple points which you can then use to mint and (figuratively) drive these beautiful MEME-themed NFT cars off the lot.

1963 MEME Beetle (250 of 250)

1991 BMW M3M3 (100 of 100)

1977 MEME Firebird (10 of 10)

Note: Like previous artist drops, to ensure support for the artists, we have enabled minting fees to some of the items in the staking pool. Minting fees are denominated in ETH and taken at the time of NFT minting.

Meet the Artist

Jordan: What first got you into NFT art?

Aymeric: I started to see a trend of motion graphics artists discussing NFTs and sharing works on Instagram. There was some pretty lively debate initially and I never really gave it any thought until a close friend of mine started showing me all the platforms and communities that were out there.

Zak: How did you discover $MEME?

Aymeric: The same friend who spoke of NFT art also introduced me to $MEME. We were hanging out on Zoom one time and he went deeeep into how it all began. From filling out a form to literally turning people into MEMEs. He showed me the Telegram and I had no idea wtf people were talking about but you could tell it was a one of a kind community.

Jordan: What do you find interesting about what the $MEME project is doing?

Aymeric: I love that $MEME has gone from an actual MEME to a thriving artist discovery platform. That all this could come from such a strange beginning is an art in itself. I’ve tried to channel this in my drop. The humor, the social commentary. It’s the traditional car flex reimagined for Defi degenerates (that’s what my mate calls them anyway haha)

Zak: What gets you the most excited about NFTs?

Aymeric: I’m personally fascinated to see just how far things go. One of the challenges of being a digital artist is having to find a physical medium to display your art. That’s all changed now and on a personal note, that’s really fucking exciting.

Jordan: Where do you think NFT art will be in 3 years?

Aymeric: Under our eyelids! Haha. Who knows. But I’m excited for the ride.

Zak: What are the next steps in your journey as an artist?

Aymeric: I’ve been planning an exhibition in Paris which I’m hoping can still come to life with Covid lingering about. That will be the big reveal for Art x Cars Series 002 but I am diving deeper into the possibilities for where to take the overall concept in the digital space.

You can connect with Aymeric and check out the rest of his incredible work on Instagram, Twitter, or on his Website.

⏰$MEME x Aymeric Collab Dropping Tuesday, January 19th, 2021.

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