$MEME Artist Drop 8: FEWOCiOUS

Stake $MEME to earn exclusive NFTs from Fewocious and bid on a 1 of 1 original

The MEME Team is thrilled to welcome Fewocious to the $MEME Artist Series.

Fewocious is a 17 year old based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’re an artist creating pop surreal digital artwork that shows how they’re feeling that day.

$MEME x FEWO Collab Dropping Tuesday December 29, 2020

giving my heart away

The Drop

Fewocious has created 4 new exclusive NFTs in the $MEME Artist Series 8.

Three pieces will go into a pool where you can stake $MEME. Deposit any amount up to 5 tokens and you’ll earn points where can mint a brand-new, exclusive MEME x FEWO NFT.

Also, one final piece is up for auction. 80% will go to the artist, 10% to the MEME dev fund, and 10% to charity (tba).

Note: Like previous artist drops, to ensure support for the artists, we have enabled minting fees to some of the items in the staking pool. Minting fees are denominated in ETH and taken at time of NFT minting.

i wish i was understood

$MEME Artist Series 8

Note from the artist:

personally, i feel these are some of my best works yet.. I’ve never done sound before!! I’m excited to post these. im excited to see what people think. I think i’ve broken barriers with this one!

You can follow Fewocious on Twitter and Instagram.

Starting Tuesday, $MEME holders can begin to stake and start mining these rare NFTs. The Fewocious pool is a brand new pool. No LP tokens are needed.

my mothers last wish

Meet the Artist

Jordan Lyall caught up with Fewocious to ask what attracted them to a collaboration with $MEME:

Jordan: What first got you into NFT art?

Fewocious: I had a painting up for sale on my website, a collector bought it and noticed I included a certificate of authenticity in the package. He liked that I care alot about authenticity and explained the entire NFT market to me and how authenticity is related. I thought the entire concept was too good to be true.. So, i did a few google searches and WOW!.. I was blown away. I instantly applied to platforms and knew NFT art was something I had to try out. I had no clue all of this would happen after!

Jordan: How did you initially hear about $MEME?

Fewocious: I was drawing and listening to an NFT podcast, and the subject of $MEME was brought up. They talked about pineapple points and basically explained everything. Again, I was left with that blown away feeling and knew I had to learn more! It’s surreal to be collaborating with the $MEME project, because I was already a fan beforehand!

Jordan: What do you find interesting about what the $MEME project is doing?

Fewocious: I love that $MEME is giving more platform to creators and allowing more people to collect amazing art!

Jordan: What else excites you about NFTs and/or DeFi?

Fewocious: EVERYTHING! Each day i get more and more excited thinking about all the people who are soon to join! NFTs are the future and it’s beautiful to see people catching on each day. I wonder what kind of art will come from being able to use all this tech! I wonder who will join! I wonder how this will be remembered! I wonder so many things and each day I feel like my mind is expanding and getting inspired to create more stuff. I love this space!! I LOVE IT!! Everything excites me.

Jordan: Where will NFT art be in 3 years?

Fewocious: In 3 years NFT art will be in places I feel I cant comprehend yet. A day in the crypto world feels like an entire week, a few months have felt like almost a year. There’s so much advancement each day ,.. with more people joining and new ideas to be spread, who knows!! I just know it’ll be big and awesome. I can’t wait and I’m so honored and excited to be part of this movement in my lifetime! I wonder how the VR will be by that point.

Jordan: What’s next for you as a digital artist?

Fewocious: Geez, that’s a tough question! Virtual Reality is for sure a path I want to check out. Music and sound too. This collection is my first collection to ever have sound. My art is a showcase of my heart and emotions, and to put sound to it will be tricky but I feel could make the experience more immersive and hint more at what I was feeling. Each day I try to learn as much as I can about this world, and I will keep doing so everyday!

$MEME x FEWO Collab Dropping Tuesday December 29, 2020

nobody knows me

Calling all digital artists

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please shoot us an email: dontbuy@dontbuymeme.com

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