$MEME Artist Drop 3 — with Lead Artist of Neon District, Diego Rodriguez

Stake $MEME to earn exclusive NFTs from Diego Rodriguez

In the next drop of the Artist Series, the $MEME Team is featuring the works of Diego Rodriguez, a 2D artist from Mexico. Diego is the Lead artist of Neon District, the cyberpunk blockchain roleplaying game.

🎨 All art was hand painted digitally on an iPad from scratch and animated frame by frame.

⏰ Dropping Tuesday November 3, 2020

Memeboi (1 of1)

The Drop

Diego has created 4 new exclusive NFTs in the $MEME collab.

As usual, 3 of these pieces will go into a pool where you can stake $MEME. Deposit any amount up to 5 tokens and you’ll earn points where can mint a brand-new, exclusive MEME x DIEGO NFT.

Also, one final piece is up for auction. Like we’ve done before, 80% will go to the artist, 10% to the MEME dev fund, and 10% to charity. Diego has selected Save the Children as the recipient of the charity proceeds.

Note: Like the previous artist drop, to ensure support for the artists and future project development, we have enabled minting fees to the items in the staking pool. Minting fees are denominated in ETH and taken at time of NFT minting.

Don’t Drink (500)

$MEME Artist Series 3

Diego Rodriguez is a 2D artist from Mexico. He’s a cofounder and Lead Artist of Neon District. You can follow Diego on Twitter.

From the artist:

Hello! I’m Diego Rodriguez, a 2D Digital Artist. Born in 1990 in Mexico, I really started developing my skill at age 13. Made the jump to digital art in high school, and loved it. Still growing and developing my own style, but I’ve always been fascinated with how light can make anything change mood and storytelling, so that’s a huge focus on my development. Join me in my journey!

The Meme pieces are Coke ads recreated in my own style. From posters painted by Sundblom, Elvgren and others. Always been a fan of these posters so I wanted to find an excuse to recreate them. That’s how the Don’t Drink Meme-Cola ad campaign was born!

Starting Tuesday, $MEME holders can begin to stake and start mining these rare NFTs. The Diego pool is a brand new pool. No LP tokens are needed.

Meme Refreshed (100)

Meet the Artist

Jordan Lyall caught up with Diego to ask what attracted him to a collaboration with $MEME:

Jordan: What first got you into NFT art?

Diego: Mostly my friends at Blockade Games, Marguerite and Ben told me I should do it. Then one morning after praying I saw a glimpse of how I’d do it and what would be my first NFT art, and put myself to learn about it with help from them and Josie Bellini. Suddenly I had minted my first NFT set on OpenSea.

Jordan: How did you initially hear about $MEME?

Diego: My friend Matty (@dclblogger) told me about Meme and asked me if I wanted to connect with you guys. I told him I couldn’t at the moment because of commission work. A week later he insisted and I agreed. I shouldn’t have waited!

Jordan: What do you find interesting about what the $MEME project is doing?

Diego: It all seems so “futuristic” I’d say. Seems to me $MEME is creating arguably the most desirable NFT collectibles and all through collabs with artists.

Jordan: What else excites you about NFTs and/or DeFi?

Diego: Can I say the drama? Lol. It’s gonna be so much fun watching all of this in a documentary in a couple of years! But in all seriousness, NFTs can be used for literally anything a human can think of. I mean, minting art collectible NFTs through staking some rando pineapple coin in a site that invites you to *not* do it? Sheesh so weird and creative!

Jordan: Where will NFT art be in 3 years?

Diego: I think it will blow up to be the art standard, and I can’t believe I’m part of the community that’s building the foundation!

Jordan: What’s next for you as a digital artist?

Diego: Exploring and exploring. This is a difficult time for me since I’ve never seen myself as an “artist”, but rather as an illustrator that makes art for a specific purpose. But lately, my recent art has actually been my own, and it’s been an amazing experience. So honestly, I have no idea what’s next for me, but hopefully you’ll keep seeing my name pop up in this space, for a long time!

Mildly Refreshing (10)

Calling all digital artists

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please shoot us an email: dontbuy@dontbuymeme.com

Get Connected

Web: http://dontbuymeme.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dontbuymeme

Telegram: https://t.me/thedegenerator

Discord: https://discord.gg/54m9rPt

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DontBuyMEME/

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/meme

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/meme-ltd





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