$MEME Artist Drop 16: ExitSimulation

ExitSimulation has entered the $MEME simulation, along with 4 exclusive NFTs up for grabs.

The $MEME team is stoked to announce that ExitSimulation will be dropping 4 new NFTs you can only grab for a limited time. These futuristic other-worldly sculptures created by ExitSimulation truly bend your mind. However, some would argue it is not your mind that bends, you only need to remember the truth, there are no sculptures.

Aaron Jablonski is a digital artist and creative technologist from Germany, working with CGI, AR/VR and real-time environments. Under the name ExitSimulation, he releases digital creations, virtual dreamscapes, and sculpts abstract creatures.

The Drop

ExitSimulation has created 4 new exclusive NFTs in the $MEME collab. Three pieces will go into a pool where you can stake $MEME. Deposit any amount (up to 5 $MEME) and you’ll earn points where you can mint a brand-new, exclusive MEME x ExitSimulation NFT.

⏰$MEME x ExitSimulation is Dropping Thursday, March 4th @ 13:37 EST.⏰

Arrival ( 1 of 1 )

🍍$MEME Auction

This 1 of 1 original will be available for auction and as standard: 80% of the funds will be distributed to the artist, 10% to the $MEME dev fund, and 10% to ExitSimulation’s selected charity: Good Will Caravan

Behind the Scenes of Arrival

Farmable NFTs 🚜

Hydra (10 of 10)

10 Available for Mint

Xenophile (100 of 100)

100 Available for Mint

Exo (250 of 250)

250 Available for Mint

These NFTs are created with incredible detail that you can truly notice and appreciate by zooming in where the resolution looks beautifully displayed in 4k.

Exo Close-up

⏰$MEME x ExitSimulation is Dropping Thursday, March 4th @ 13:37 EST.⏰

Note: Like previous artist drops, to ensure support for the artists, we have enabled minting fees to some of the items in the staking pool. Minting fees are denominated in ETH and taken at the time of NFT minting.

Learning More about ExitSimulation

Zak Walters and ExitSimulation had the chance to talk more about NFTs and DeFi, as well as discuss what led ExitSimulation to make CryptoArt.

Zak: What first got you into NFT art?

ExitSimulation: I’ve been following crypto art for a while now but in the last year it became increasingly important for me to become more independent as an artist and try to free myself from having to sell my creative ideas to potential clients etc. This is where crypto art was starting to become really attractive to me and I think it’s offering great value to artists that are then able to just work on their own ideas through this.

Zak: How did you initially hear about $MEME?

ExitSimulation: I heard about it in a crypto group that I follow, then when I started to get into NFTs myself someone from the group suggested to apply for a release here myself

Zak: What do you find interesting about what the $MEME project is doing?

ExitSimulation: I like how it started from a meme or spontaneous idea but now is offering something interesting and unique in the NFT space and DeFi. Staking assets to earn NFTs is a great way to value the artwork and offer something interesting to the community.

Zak: Where will NFT art be in 3 years?

ExitSimulation: I think the NFT space will grow immensely in the next few years and we will see a shift from traditional art markets into the NFT space as we are already seeing with big artists like Beeple and his reprentation on Christie’s auction house.

Zak: What’s next for you as a digital artist?

ExitSimulation: I would love to bring my digital sculptures into the physical world. I am planning to explore 3D printing and tying this physical representation of my work back to the blockchain. I am also exploring immersive installations and creating virtual spaces that people can visit and interact with.

Zak: Describe Creative Process — Anything special here? Anything you’d like readers to know about you as an artist?

ExitSimulation: The sculptures you are seeing here were all created in Virtual Reality through Adobe Medium and then refined and rendered in Houdini. I really enjoy this process of starting a new work in VR because it’s a really intuitive process that feels almost physical in the way you interact with the sculpture — this brings me into the right headspace that I am not getting that easily into when just working with a regular screen and mouse.

Connect with ExitSimulation

Twitter: twitter.com/exitsimulation

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exitsimulation/

Calling All Digital Artists

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please submit the Artist Series Application and someone from the MEME Team will reach out.

Connect with $MEME 🍍

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