$MEME Artist Drop 11: Trippyogi

The time has come! Trippyogi has entered the building. Get some $MEME ready to stake and earn some incredible NFT digital experiences from Trippyogi, plus a 1 of 1 original.

We’re stoked to announce that Trippyogi is joining the $MEME Artist Series.

Trippyogi builds digital dreams, creating a more peaceful world through art and technology. Whether architecting new spaces in the metaverse, creating moving meditations or drafting digital designs — each artwork comes from a place of peace and love.


The Drop 💧

⏰$MEME x Trippyogi is Dropping Tuesday, February 2nd @ 13:37 EST.

Trippyogi has created 4 meme-themed digital dreams in the form of NFTs, only obtainable on $MEME.

The Last Pineapple (1 of 1)

🍍$MEME Auction

This mesmerizing $MEME digital dream collectible will be placed on auction where 80% of the funds will be distributed to the artist, 10% to the $MEME dev fund, and 10% to Charity: Water.

Farmable NFTs 🚜

Fruit Salad (250 of 250)

250 Available for Mint

Fructose (100 of 100)

100 Available for Mint

Infruition (10 of 10)

10 Available for Mint

Note: Like previous artist drops, to ensure support for the artists, we have enabled minting fees to some of the items in the staking pool. Minting fees are denominated in ETH and taken at the time of NFT minting.

Meet the Artist 🎨

Zak Walters had a chance to catch up with Trippyogi and see how their journey as an artist has led them to create NFTs and work with $MEME:

Zak: How did you discover the NFT art movement, and what inspired you to be a creator in the space?

Trippyogi: The first time that we remember hearing about NFT art was through the amazing artist Hexeosis! They would post about selling digital pieces as single editions on SuperRare, and would showcase their galleries in virtual worlds such as Cryptovoxels. The whole digital collectible/land world completely fascinated us and it wasn’t too long after we were completely submerged in the metaverse and all of the amazing things being built right now!

Zak: How did you come across $MEME?

Trippyogi: We first heard of $MEME through Jordan’s talk at the WIP meetup in the TokenSmart Discord. The concept of combining NFT’s and DeFi was just too awesome to ignore, and we think that there is a very bright future combining finance with art. Not only does it make finance fun, but it also gives artists and collectors an exciting new way to interact with each other through a new medium!

Zak: What do you find interesting about what the $MEME project is doing?

Trippyogi: From artist drops to platform collabs, $MEME mixes things up as far as variety and the scope of NFT’s being released through their platform. Not only are awesome art pieces dropping by amazing artists in the space, but there are also tokens minted that provide actual utility on other platforms. Combined with the super fun theme (MEME?) of the platform, makes for a very interesting entry point into the combination of NFT’s + DeFi, where anyone can become a pineapple farmer and invest in both artists and the $MEME ecosystem.

Zak: What else excites you about NFTs and/or DeFi?

Trippyogi: From a finance perspective, people are locking up more and more assets in DeFi, whose technology has yet to reach the mainstream. In parallel, while the NFT space blossoms into this beautiful world where artists realize their dreams via this direct exchange for value, collectors can acquire a new type of asset class (digital collectibles) with special meaning to them! It was only a matter of time before we started to see crypto tinkerers begin to fuse these two technologies, making things even more fun and lucrative for both sides.

Zak: Where do you think the NFT art movement is headed and where do you see it in 3 years?

Trippyogi: Our vision for the future of NFT art includes seamless worlds and experiences where there is a real-time exchange of creativity for value. Virtual worlds will play a huge role in this, as the interoperability of these worlds provides a more frictionless experience for everyone. World-hopping and meetups will introduce users to the whole multiverse of art and experiences, and as we onboard the rest of the world onto the internet, it will only continue to grow and proliferate!

One of the most beautiful things that we have seen in this space is artists from around the world having an opportunity to build wealth via a resource-backed, shared, global economy. NFT art and its technology as a whole will continue to grow and expand into other areas, providing more opportunities for those wishing to participate and create value. How far we get in the next 3 years will be fun to witness, and this global vision for the future may be closer than it seems ;)

Zak: What’s next for you as a digital artist?

Trippyogi: We have more amazing art and experiences to share with the world! Lately, we’ve been designing interactive installations for IRL, and are also looking into ways to bring these works to different metaverse worlds. Of course, more art drops are already lined up, and we are developing new ways to bring value and utility to our creations. This means introducing fun new ways to use our tokens in games and other exciting new experiences we have yet to announce! Building new worlds and inhabitants that people can play with, trade, and share is our passion, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so!

⏰$MEME x Trippyogi is Dropping Tuesday, February 2nd @ 13:37 EST.

Stay in touch and follow Trippyogi:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trippyogi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trippyogi

Calling All Digital Artists

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please submit the Artist Series Application and someone from the MEME Team will reach out.

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