$MEME Artist Drop 10: Wizard Skull

It’s happening! Get your $MEME ready to stake to earn exclusive NFTs from Wizard Skull and bid on a 1 of 1 original.

The MEME team is super pumped to announce that Wizard Skull is joining the $MEME Artist Series.

Wizard Skull is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager, he started skateboarding and immersed himself in the subculture by designing t-shirts and skateboard graphics and skateboarding in local shop videos. His artwork has been featured on over 200+ skateboard graphics for companies from Norway, Russia, England, and all over the US and the rest of the world. He and his art has appeared in numerous skateboard magazines - including Thrasher.

Adopting the moniker of Wizard Skull and abandoning freelance design work, he began wheat pasting his art all around New York.

“Sexy Ronald”

One of his wheat pastes often seen on the streets of New York was the “Sexy Ronald”, a buff version of Ronald McDonald wearing only underwear with fries popping out of them.

People began photographing and sharing images of it on social media which led to the image going viral several times and getting bootlegged, then sold on t-shirts in Thailand. This naturally led to his art being exposed to a large and diverse audience.

The Drop

⏰$MEME x Wizard Skull Collab Dropping Tuesday, January 26th, 2021.

Wizard Skull has created 4 exclusive collectible NFTs in $MEME’s Artist Series 10.

Mutated Mouse of MEME (1 of 1)

This tantalizing 1 of 1 NFT will be placed up for auction where 80% of the funds will be distributed to the artist, 10% to the MEME dev fund, and 10% to Invisible People.

Farmable NFTs

Colorway Mutated Mouse (10 of 10)

10 Available for Mint

In addition to the auction, three NFTs will go into the Wizard Skull pool where you can stake a maximum of 5 $MEME to earn pineapple points which you can then use to mint the other alluring and satisfyingly mutated mouse NFTs.

Colorway Mutated Mouse

Gold Mutated Mouse (100 of 100)

100 Available for Mint

Silver Mutated Mouse (250 of 250)

250 Available for Mint

Note: Like previous artist drops, to ensure support for the artists, we have enabled minting fees to some of the items in the staking pool. Minting fees are denominated in ETH and taken at the time of NFT minting.

Meet the Artist

Jordan Lyall and Zak Walters had a chance to sit down and chat with Wizard Skull to learn how their journey as an artist has unfolded and how it led to a collaboration with MEME.

Jordan: Thanks for taking the time with us to get to explore your journey as an artist, what first got you into the NFT art space?

Wizard Skull: I used to create artwork for skateboard companies to use on board graphics, t-shirts, magazines, etc. I always would start by sketching my ideas on paper, but the finished art would need to be recreated on the computer to be able to print it onto products. I began to think of any physical sketches on paper just as a process to get to the final product of the computer file which was what had value because that could be used to mass-produce products for companies.

After a while I stopped making digital art because I wanted to make unique artworks, that had value as being original and authentic, not just as an image to be printed onto a product for mass production. However, I enjoyed making digital work because there is more freedom to what you can make and the ability to share it easier. In the last few years, I’ve been focusing mainly on physical paintings because that’s where the ability to create unique one of a kind works existed for me, but with NFTs, it allows me to do that digitally. I view NFTs as a way to take my physical artwork to another level.

Zak: How did you first hear about $MEME and what interests you in what we’re doing?

Wizard Skull: I first heard about you from Alex U, a member of your community. I love everything you guys are doing. The community and the NFT farming are brilliant, but most of all, you helping artists break into the digital art space is awesome.

Jordan: What else excites you about NFTs and/or DeFi?

Wizard Skull: One time I gave someone a check and they lost it. So, I wrote them a new one and asked my bank to stop payment on the first check. The bank told me I had to pay a fee to stop payment and it was only good for 6months. I asked if the check was found and deposited on the 7th month would it go through? “Yes”, they told me — unless I paid another fee to stop it for an additional 6 months. Another time when I was younger the bank kept charging me a fee every month because my account didn’t have the required 3k minimum deposited in it. Credit card and PayPal processing fees really add up over the years too. Being in control of your money without unnecessary fees or middle man is what excites me.

Zak: Where do you think NFT art will be in 3 years and what’s next for you as a Digital Artist?

Wizard Skull: I haven’t experienced being alive 3 years from now yet, so I can’t answer that. But if you want me to use my imagination to come up with my best guess… The earth gets destroyed by an asteroid but a small portion of humans escape on a starship and due to limited space, there will be no physical art onboard, only NFTs.

My approach to art is sometimes a competition against myself, I look at what I’ve done and then I try to see how I can do it better than before.

You can keep up and connect with Wizard Skull on Instagram, Twitter, and check out other works of art on their website.

⏰$MEME x Wizard Skull Collab Dropping Tuesday, January 26th, 2021.

Calling All Digital Artists

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please submit the Artist Series Application and someone from the MEME Team will reach out.

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