Introducing the $MEME Artist Series — First drop with Sven Eberwein

Stake $MEME to earn exclusive digital fine art NFTs

The Meme team is proud to announce our first exclusive digital artist collaboration with Sven Eberwein. This drop includes four new exclusive fine art collectibles with multiple levels of supply.

Here’s the catch, in order to mint these brand new NFTs, you must first stake $MEME. Deposit up to 5 $MEME tokens in the new Sven pool. Once you earn enough points, you can mint a brand-new, exclusive MEME x SVEN crypto collectible.

As the Meme community continues to push the boundaries of DeFi + crypto art, we’re happy to announce our first exclusive artist collection.

Sven Eberwein is a prominent digital artist living in LA. He’s working at the intersection of computer graphics, internet culture, and now, memes.

Starting today, $MEME holders can begin to stake and start mining these rare fine art NFTs. No LP pools this time.

Before collaborating with $MEME, Sven’s piece “🍣 vs. 🦄” sold on SuperRare for over 3.5 ETH ($1,277.50 at the time of sale).

The Memenomics of Drop 0 of the Artist Series

Just one month after forming, the $MEME community continues to expand.

Last week we were again recognized by the DeFi hero himself, Andre Cronje. The timely endorsement came just before the drop of his very own NFT set.

In order to best attract the top artists both in and outside the NFT space, we plan to implement an innovative incentive structure to market, which will reward our artists even more.

But have no fear. The Genesis Collection featuring some of the prominent personalities in crypto will be around for a while. Expect new Genesis sets every week.

Svenn is a Digital Artist working at the intersection of Computer Graphics & Internet Culture. His digital Works are emerging from references collected all around the World Wild Web, set out to explore their impact and relevance in a new context. Works of the internet, by the internet, for the internet. You can follow Sven on twitter @sven_Eberwein.

Jordan Lyall caught up with Sven to ask what attracted him to a collaboration with $MEME:

Jordan: What first got you into NFT art?

Sven: I have been creating Digital Art for a long time. Last year my friend Sky told me about NFT’s and tokenized Art at Burning Man and I fell in love with the idea immediately.

Jordan: How did you initially hear about $MEME?

Sven: I found the $MEME project in a late night Twitter session. I took a screenshot so I wouldn’t forget.

Jordan: What do you find interesting about what the $MEME project is doing?

Sven: In my eyes the entire $MEME project is one piece of Art. It’s capturing the DeFi / Meme Zeitgeist like nothing else out there and people have begun to notice its uniqueness. On first glance it looks like a big joke but as soon you look behind the curtains you will find brilliant ideas, backed by a very well engineered infrastructure. This combination is really refreshing since it is placing community, art, engineering first and $$$ second.

Jordan: What else excites you about NFTs and/or DeFi?

Sven: To me, as an Artist, the most interesting aspect about NFTs is the introduction of Code to Art. It’s like a new color in your paintbox and I believe that at this point we barely have seen the beginning of it.

Jordan: What’s next for you as a digital artist?

Sven: I don’t plan much. Until further notice I will keep creating my art.

Watch more from the conversation between Jordan and Sven here:

If you’re an artist interested in NFTs and want to partner on an existing or exclusive collection, please shoot us an email: