Finalists Announced in the $150k 0xB1 x $MEME NFT Competition

Token holders of each project can vote on finalists starting Tuesday Mar 2

As announced last month, $MEME is hosting the @0xb1 Commemorative NFT Art Competition with total prizes equalling $150,000 USD in tokens.

We wanted to see unique art commemorating @0x_b1’s involvement in six of the top projects in DeFi: BadgerDAO, Uniswap, KeeperDAO, Alpha Finance, Yflink, and Yaxis.

The response was incredible… over 500 entries!!! The $MEME community is a talented bunch!

Last Friday, MEME assembled a panel of artists and NFT insiders to select nine finalists for each project (54 total). It was a tough task, but 9 in each group was determined.

It’s now time to open up the final round of voting to the public!

Round 2: Public Voting

Starting Tuesday at Noon PST, the community can vote for their favorite NFT in each group. We’ll award prizes to 3 winners for each project (18 total).

We’ve chosen to launch public voting on Snapshot in an attempt to keep things as fair as possible.

Don’t worry, no gas needed! Votes on Snapshot are verifiable signed messages stored on IPFS. This means that only users with that project’s token in their wallet can vote for NFTs in that pool.

For example, if you only hold UNI tokens you may only vote in the UNI group. The snapshot was taken on Monday, so only users with tokens before the cut-off can vote. No sense in buying more tokens just to vote.

The Finalists

Take a look at each group’s finalists stored on Google Drive, then jump over to the appropriate Snapshot proposal to lock in your vote. Voting begins Tuesday March 2 at noon PST and ends Monday March 8 at noon PST.

Get voting!


🖼 View finalists
🗳 Vote on Snapshot


🖼 View finalists
🗳 Vote on Snapshot


🖼 View finalists
🗳 Vote on Snapshot


🖼 View finalists
🗳 Vote on Snapshot


🖼 View finalists
🗳 Vote on Snapshot


🖼 View finalists
🗳 Vote on Snapshot


Each project has a prize pool of $12,500 attached to it in their native cryptocurrency, as well as $12,500 in tokens for the other projects listed — meaning, each project has a pool of $25,000.

There will be 3 winning NFTs selected for each pool and 18 winners in total.

NFT Distribution

Following the conclusion of the contest, MEME will mint and release the 18 winning NFTs on

Revised Competition Timeline

  • Mar 1 Finalists announced
  • Mar 2 Round 2: Community voting begins
  • Mar 8 Community voting ends
  • Mar 9 Winners announced and payouts made
  • Mar 11 Users can stake to earn winning NFTs on MEME

View all competition details:




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