Featured Collection: Blockchain Heroes

The $MEME team is happy to announce a brand new superhero being added to our roster, Pint Size, created by our friends at Blockchain Heroes!

Blockchain Heroes is an original set of digital collectibles inspired by real crypto and blockchain personalities, as well as concepts and trends unique to the space. More than 100 heroes and villains have been released on the WAX blockchain.

Pint Size

Pint Size is what happens when you are inspired to mashup Jack-Jack from The Incredibles with the Memecoin megaverse. Pint-size understands that some problems are best tackled head-on. With his pineapple power suit, he punches through prickly predicaments with panache! For more Blockchain Heroes, visit BCHeroes.com.

Blockchain Heroes describes their project as an innovative and engaging digital collectible trading card set designed to both entertain and educate collectors on blockchain concepts. The first series of collectible featured 50 heroes in 8 variations, and could be found in 5 and 25-card packs purchased on the WAX blockchain. The entire 12,500 pack collection sold out in 20 minutes. Since then, Blockchain Heroes has released 2 additional sets featuring new heroes and villains into the megaverse.

The Drop

Pint Size is breaking into $MEME with 4 collectible variants, each of their own rarity.

Blockchain Heroes drops on MEME 4/24/2021 @ 13:37 EST

Pint Size Common (250 of 250)

Pint Size Epic (100 of 100)

Pint Size Legendary (10 of 10)

The Auction

Pint Size “Action” (1 of 1)

Blockchain Heroes drops on MEME 4/24/2021 @ 13:37 EST

Learning more about Blockchain Heroes

Blockchain Heroes had time to sit down with Zak Walters and chat about what got them into the NFT space, how they discovered MEME, and more!

Zak: What led your NFT journey to your drop on MEME?

Blockchain Heroes: We discovered it well over a year ago and thought the memes were funny. The concept of farming for memes is brilliant and we began staking to earn pineapples. We like how the $MEME universe has expanded to include a variety of art and styles from across a wide spectrum.

Zak: Walk us through your creative process a bit, anything special here you’d like the community to know?

Blockchain Heroes: We are a team of two fathers and sons with a vision to take digital collectibles to the next level. Joel and Travis are the hosts of The Bad Crypto Podcast and came up with the idea for Blockchain Heroes as Covid-19 lockdowns commenced in 2020. Along with their sons, Zach and Jharek, they ideated a completely unique megaverse, all the characters within it and a compelling storyline that has engaged a community of thousands of collectors.

Zak: That’s awesome to hear, what’s next for you guys as digital artists?

Blockchain Heroes: We’re always developing new characters for the Blockchain Heroes series as well as finding ways to gamify and bring additional value to the NFTs people have already purchased. By tying interesting burn and upgrade mechanisms into our lore, we’ve found a way to not only create interesting, original art, but to also entertain and bring value beyond the initial NFT acquisition.

Connect with Blockchain Heroes

Telegram: t.me/bcheroes

Website: https://bcheroes.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bc_heroes

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