Don’t Shop: Announcing Exclusive Merch for $MEME NFT Holders

Limited-run tees, hoodies, and prints ONLY available to NFT owners

Your MEME NFTs just got a lot more valuable.

The MEME team has partnered up with D¢ENT Co. to turn a few of our most popular Genesis NFTs into magic keys that unlock limited-edition products like tees, hoodies, and canvas prints.

Check it: these items are only available if you own that specific NFT.

🛒 Don’t Shop the Meme Series

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The Details

The crypto-lifestyle brand D¢ENT Co. brings a whole new layer of value to your farmed digital collectibles. The first series features four of $MEME’s top NFTs that have now evolved into real-world products.

These products are exclusively available to hodlers of the respective NFTs. That means the only way to get your hands on a shirt, hoodie or canvas print is by farming via or purchasing the NFT from

What’s more, each item is even MORE limited than the underlying NFT! That means not everyone who holds one of the featured NFTs will have the chance to get a hold of its D¢ENT Co. counterpart.

Only those who act quickly will be able to secure their bounty.

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Initial Merch Offering

Meme Grail Relic
NFTs = 10,000
Products = 1,000 (per product type)
Ratio = 10:1

Andre Cronje Common
NFTs = 1,000
Products = 500
Ratio = 2:1

Vitalik Buterin Rare
NFTs = 100
Products = 50
Ratio = 2:1

Satoshi Legendary
NFTs = 10
Products = 10
Ratio = 1:1

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TIL: ‘phygital’ is a thing

On top of this experiment in “phygital” goods (physical+digital) every item in the MEME Series, and future Key Art lines, comes with an UnLtd. Authenticity Token. This is an NFT that enshrines the authenticity and ownership of your goods immutably on the Ethereum blockchain. D¢ENT Co. uses a process of self-certification to confirm receipt and ownership of each product they sell. More information on the process can be found here. Users may one day be able to use it in future ultra-exclusive products.

Don’t Shop

Act fast: these items are only available to a portion of NFT holders.

🛒 Don’t Shop the Meme Series

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