Don’t celebrate Meme’s 1 year anniversary🍍

On August 14th, 2020 at 22:51 EDT Jordan Lyall tweeted.

- A full week of fun leading up to Meme’s 1 year anniversary
- 2 Legendary Genesis NFT drops the week of August 9th in the LP Genesis Pool
-1 Wild Card NFT drop the week of August 9th in the Genesis Pool
- Jordan Lyall’s original meme that sparked Meme auctioned off starting on August 13th @ 22:51 EDT, 24 hour auction.
- Genesis Everydays auction on August 14th starting @ 13:37 EDT.
- Special 1 year commemorative drop by The Block Times on August 14th @ 15:00 EDT
- Decentraland event on August 14th @ 21:00 EDT featuring live music from RedBullRon, a live talk from Jordan Lyall and a POAP to collect and remember the occasion, concluded by announcing the winners to the Meme Meme contest. All at Meme’s HQ.

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Meme’s creation story is unlike any other. It was the height of DeFi Summer and successful projects in the space were seeing copypasta forks get spit out nonstop everyday. Food related projects like Yam were very popular at the time and so every food item imaginable was being used as project branding.

It was an interesting and exciting time to be involved in DeFi and Jordan Lyall was no stranger to it. On the eve of August 14th, Jordan sent out a tweet promoting a new project called The Degenerator. The concept was simple, “Spin up a new #DeFi project in as little as 5 minutes!”

Jordan was kidding of course. The tweet was simply to poke fun at the mania that was taking place. DeFi degens however had a different idea. Some didn’t realize it was a joke while others knew but decided to come together around this idea anyways. This wasn’t a far off idea from something that one would expect to be created in this space.

Before long a telegram group had been created around Jordan’s tweet. By then it was fully realized that The Degenerator was nothing more than satire. But degens being degens ran with it. The $MEME token was created and its logo chosen — a pineapple. A joke token, made from a joke tweet and a bunch of degens having a good time.

Despite its lack of utility aside from being more of a joke than DOGE, people swarmed into the telegram group and the hype seemed like it was infinitely increasing. The community decided it was time to get Jordan Lyall involved and make MEME into a real thing.

NFTs weren’t anything new. They had been around since 2017 on the Ethereum network and even longer before that on other blockchains. There was a passionate community around NFTs but the broader crypto community wasn’t involved in the market at the time. Jordan had a vision and that vision was to mix DeFi and NFTs by using the $MEME token to farm for “pineapples” that would be used to mint NFTs. DontBuyMeme was created.

One year later and NFTs are all the rage. DontBuyMeme continues to offer NFTs in the forms of artwork and collectibles from renowned creators across the world to its community by farming for those delicious pineapples every week. DontBuyMeme wouldn’t be where it is today without its passionate community and we’re welcoming all of you to celebrate our 1 year anniversary with us.

Starting the week of August 9th we’ll be dropping 2 Legendary Genesis NFTs into the Genesis LP pool. The dates and times the drops will be announced during the week of our anniversary.

Sometime during the same week in between our legendary drops you can expect a Wild Card in the Genesis pool!

On August 13th at 22:51 EDT, a 24 hour auction will begin for Jordan Lyall’s original The Degenerator meme and will conclude exactly 1 year to the dot of the original tweet that sparked it all. That is unless the auction is extended with last-minute bids, which let's be honest it probably is going to be.

The $MEME token was created before DontBuyMeme. The token lives beyond the platform by being utilized by other protocols and groups but most people know it for its utility on DontBuyMeme and we want to show our support for the token by using all proceeds from The Degenerator auction to provide liquidity on Uniswap. This applies to our 2nd auction of the celebration as well Genesis Everydays!

On August 14th at 13:37 EDT our Genesis Everydays 24hr auction will begin. A compilation of every Genesis NFT drop compiled into an exclusive 1/1 NFT. Clearly the superior Everydays to own.

At 15:00 EDT on August 14th The Block Times drops an exclusive commemorative set celebrating Meme’s 1 year anniversary and at 17:00 EDT we’ll be announcing the winners of the Meme Meme contest, make an awesome meme about Meme and the top 10 winners will receive an exclusive Creator NFT minted from the official DontBuyMeme Opensea account. Winners will be decided by the team and the Meme Citadel.

Lastly, the funnest part of the day will be at our HQ in Decentraland at 21:00EDT. We’ll have 2 hours of live music performed by RedBullRon, a live talk from Jordan Lyall at 21:30 EDT and an exclusive POAP to claim. Join us and hang out with the team and community!

*Celebration events and drops are subject to change.




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