Don’t Buy $MEME 🚫🍍 — DeFi’s Meme Coin

From tweet to contract deployed, airdrop done, and liquidity locked — all in under 30mins. Discover the birth of the ultimate meme token for the DeFi degeneration (many people are saying it’s the Doge for DeFi). But whatever you do, don’t buy it.

$MEME CEO, Elob Munk says “Do not buy!”

The $MEME token community has recently reached a historic milestone, surpassing $1.2 million market cap and reaching over three thousand participants in our Telegram group since our spontaneous launch on August 14, 2020.

No joke: Vitalik actually holds the initial LP tokens.

The token sprang from inspiration to launch and airdrop within 30 minutes. $MEME then evolved into a thriving community. Since then, team has been busy defining governance, products, and roadmap.


The $MEME Citadel (the governing DAO of $MEME), driven by the community support of the $MEME Telegram community (and the short-lived $MEME Ghetto) has been heads-down on bringing the next-generation meme farming platform to the masses.

Laugh now cry later. Just don’t buy.

Today, we are proud to announce a coming announcement that will bring many of our anticipated roadmap features to the Ethereum network. Built by a team of Ethereum natives, it features:

  • Experiments with governance, fair distribution, and art
  • 1,000% greater MPS (memes per second)
Rat poison cubed.

On 8/15/2020 One $MEME was exchanged for a single pizza. Seriously.

1 $MEME = 1 pizza (on 8/15/2020)

We look forward to sharing more details about meme farming soon, and until then… don’t buy $MEME.

I did my part to not buy $MEME. Did you do yours?

The Details




Etherscan: 0xd5525d397898e5502075ea5e830d8914f6f0affe


Uniswap: 0x5dfbe95925ffeb68f7d17920be7b313289a1a583


Distribution: Fair distribution to early community members

Total Supply: 28,000 (largest holder < 3%)




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Don't Buy $MEME

Don't Buy $MEME

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