Can Devs Launch Something?!

After a few delays, our launch is finally near. We are grateful to announce that the NEW Meme platform will launch on January 7th.

On our new platform, users will no longer need to stake their MEME tokens to earn PINA points. Rather, users will now opt into rewards, and immediately begin earning points every block. These points can then be used to enter our drops. Say goodbye to the days of entering and exiting artist pools to enter our drops — this will become a one-time, no-fee interaction once connected to the platform. After earning a set amount of points, users can claim entry into drops during the entry period.

Users that provide liquidity on the $MEME/$FTM pair, will earn even more PINAs to enter our drops. We are currently in talks with another DEX on Fantom that will further incentivize our community to provide LP. Instructions on how to bridge and provide liquidity will be released just before launch.

We thank you for being patient with us on this journey. Hope to see you on January 7th.




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