Bitcoin History Immortalized: New $MEME NFT Collab with Bitcoin Origins

In preparation of their upcoming “MOMENT 2: The Genesis Block” release, Bitcoin Origins partners with $MEME on a featured staking pool with exclusive NFTs

Stake $MEME and mint special Bitcoin Origins NFT collectibles

Bitcoin Origins is an exclusive collection of digital collectible cards immortalizing the most significant moments in Bitcoin’s history.

In total, the collection will consist of 3 series with 5 moments in each series (15 Moments total) crafted by some of the world’s best artists.

In preparation of the upcoming release of Moment 2, “The Genesis Block”, beginning December 19th, Bitcoin Origins has collaborated with the MEME team to offer a staking pool with brand new, unique NFTs ready to farm.

Lock up to 5 $MEME tokens in the BTCO pool. Once you earn enough points, you can mint brand-new, exclusive MEME x BTCO NFTs.

⏰ The Bitcoin Origins pool on MEME opens on Tuesday, December 15

“The Epiphany” is a 1 of 1 NFT up for auction

The Drop

Bitcoin Origins has created 4 new NFTs in the $MEME collab.

The first 3 NFTs reference the cards in the upcoming MOMENT 2: The Genesis Blockofficial release, but with a $MEME twist. See if you can spot the hidden items.

These 3 pieces will go into a pool where you can stake $MEME. Deposit any amount up to 5 tokens and you’ll earn points where can mint a brand-new, exclusive MEME x BTCO NFT.

One final piece, “The Epiphany,” goes up for auction. The highest bidder in $MEME token at auction close will walk away with this exclusive 1 of 1 NFT. This work was created exclusively for this collaboration and doesn’t exist anywhere else.

“Inception” (qty 500)

$MEME Featured Series 3: Bitcoin Origins

Starting Friday, $MEME holders can begin to stake and start mining these rare NFTs in their existing pool.

Unearth a rare piece of Bitcoin history with the $MEME x BTCO collab.

“Proliferation” (qty 100)

MOMENT 2: The Genesis Block

The Bitcoin Origins community is very excited for the upcoming release of Moment 2! This is a rare set of digital collectibles, re-creating the most significant moments in the history of Bitcoin! We’ve partnered up with some of the best artists in the world to ensure this is the most unique set of NFTs on the market, and truly give collectors a piece of Bitcoin history.

Moment 2 coming soon, stay tune and keep on the hunt to unlock it!

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⏰ The Bitcoin Origins pool on MEME opens on Tuesday, December 15

“Propagation” (qty 10)

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