Beeple Update and Next Steps

Last December Beeple approached us with the idea of doing an NFT drop on MEME. In the six months since then, we have had many conversations about the right way to structure it. Despite everyone’s best efforts, our teams have not been able to come to terms on an arrangement. All parties thought this could happen and sought a solution to avoid disappointing the community.

Unfortunately, for now, Beeple will not be doing a collaboration with MEME.

While it’s hard to share this unfortunate news, it’s an opportunity for us to remind ourselves what MEME is all about: innovation, fun, and community. To keep pace with the growth of our community, we have been working hard to ramp up even more of each.

In the coming months there are dozens of scheduled drops arriving on a nearly daily basis. Most will contain options for FREE NFTs.

As we have from the beginning, our community will bring forward both established and new artists, set tastes, and set standards for the broader NFT universe.

Setting those standards is an awesome responsibility, but it is one we have earned together. It is truly what has made us special. Don’t worry, understanding our community’s role doesn’t mean we are going to be a joke turned serious. New efforts are already underway within the MEME Citadel to drive a community-wide doubling down on fun.

Immediate updates:

Free-to-farm pools are back

  1. Starting this week, users can farm new NFTs with pineapples alone. No additional ETH fees will be required to mint.
  2. Moving forward, most new artist drops will feature a free version.

Community curation program for emerging artists

  1. Community members will soon be able to propose new artists to drop in a new emerging artist pool.
  2. The Citadel will vote on artist proposals from the community.
  3. Users can farm in the emerging artists pools with no fees to mint.

We couldn’t be more excited for these updates and to continue giving back to our loyal community. Stay tuned for additional details.

We want to hear from you. Where would you like MEME to go? Drop us a line or join us in Telegram.

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