Aymeric x Motez x Kite String Tangle — Give Me Space

Aymeric returns to $MEME and brings with him two incredibly talented Australian musicians; Motez and The Kite String Tangle for their GIVE ME SPACE drop. A series of collectibles born from the GIVE ME SPACE Universe.

⏰ The drop is going down tomorrow, April 17th @ 6:30 PM EST! ⏰

Having linked up for the official music video for Motez & The Kite String Tangle’s latest single, GIVE ME SPACE they now unveil a series of collectible NFTs from the Give Me Space universe — available exclusively on $MEME!

To top it off, Aymeric has TWO bonus NFTs to go with the drop:

#1 — MEME of DOOM

Aymeric has teased his MEME of DOOM poster in recent months. Not only has he hidden this awesome work in the official music video for Give Me Space, you can also own it yourself as a bonus 355/355 piece in this drop.

#2 — A Special SECRET NFT

Stay tuned for the announcement during the CLUBHOUSE chat with the MEME team, Aymeric, Motez and The Kite String Tangle on Saturday, April 17th at 6:30PM EST.

🍍$MEME Auction

RESET x Delorean
1 of 1 Auction

This 1 of 1 original will be available for auction and as standard: 80% of the funds will be distributed to the artists, 10% to the $MEME dev fund, and 10% to the Artists’ selected charity: Cool Earth

The Drop

⏰ The drop is going down tomorrow, April 17th @ 6:30 PM EST! ⏰

The Dreamer

250 available for mint

The Explorer

100 available for mint


10 available for mint

More on the drop

Zak had a chance to chitchat with Aymeric, Motez on more details around the inspiration and ideas for this special drop.

Aymeric broke down the inspiration behind the creative work:

When I first heard the song I’d been in lockdown and isolation here in Paris for over 6 months. I think this situation had me longing for some form of escapism which I wanted to explore on a creative level and the video clip was the perfect canvas.

At a time when millions of people around the world are stuck in their homes during this pandemic, The Dreamer is there to help them see beyond their visible confines. Through the power of imagination, people can transform their current surroundings into a space of infinite possibilities.

I put a pretty elaborate pitch together for the video and Motez and his team loved it right from the start and as soon as I started working on the video I knew there was potential for a new NFT series. I wanted to add a new dimension to the song, an extension of the story, so rather than just cutting up scenes I developed this series of collectibles born from the Give Me Space universe. Tez made some amazing edits of Give Me Space based on the final renders and we’re very excited by how it’s all turned out!

So, Motez, what was it like working with Aymeric on this drop?

He is one of the most prolific artists I’ve worked with. I liked his take on the visual side of Give Me Space, I wanted somebody to shine the light not only on the thematic and textural side of the song but also the emotional side. I was extremely grateful he satiated that side of the song, the visual aspect of the song was as important as the audio and I was very happy with the result. Venturing into the NFT world was quite new to me, I’m still wrapping my head around many of the concepts but I think the world that Aymeric has created in the Give Me Space video is rich and so there’s a lot to extrapolate from and dive into.

What does this first play in the NFT space mean to you?

I felt very comfortable and confident venturing into that world with Aymeric, feels like a great opportunity to delve further into the world that was created in the video and hone in on specific components. The project was a true collaboration between us and so I felt that we knew which elements to borrow and expand upon.

What attracted you to $MEME?

Aymeric kept talking about the close community that was MEME and in light of that, that’s something that I can totally identify with as an artist. Community is very important to me and knowing that we can be venturing into that world and be part of the MEME history makes me feel fantastic. A big part of the Give Me Space video is our mascot needing to belong, so this plays in perfectly with the theme and the concept.

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