MEME presents Artist Series Week #9, with a new artist featuring a spiritual twist and a familiar one who’s back for a re-drop!

  • Mafriends | Ancient Entities | 6/8
  • REMO | The Crypto Age: Heroes and Villains | 6/10


Mafriends is an art collective from Brazil created by lucasgabd and Daniel Gnattali. Art transformed our lives entirely and one of our goals is to use this energy to be able to bring beauty and joy to the world.

Mafriends got started working together to take part in art contests at Lucas has been following the NFT universe since the beginning of cryptokitties and Axie Infinity and Daniel has been laboring in his visual artist career for 12 years now. With all the possibilities of NFT it felt like a natural step to try it out and make our art available as NFTs too. One thing that gave us a major kickstart was joining and winning the 0xb1 art contest organized by $MEME, last February.

The Drop: Ancient Entities

> The Drop goes live at 1:37PM EST on 6/8/2021 <

  • 1 of 1 Auction includes a physical print
  • 3 Free Farmable NFTs

Religion and philosophy have been around for ages. Mankind has always exposed the need of giving a deeper meaning to life through rituals and artistic expression. Be it in immortalized icons, old symbols, or cathartic experiences, “Ancient Entities” reminds us that spirituality can be found in many universes.

“Fantastic George”, the auction 1/1 piece, includes an A2 Fine Art physical print and our vows of lifetime protection for the collector.

Fantastic George

Includes A2 Fine Art physical print (59.4 x 42 cm)

1 of 1 | Auction

The Tree

10 of 10 | Farmable

Secret Place II

20 of 20 | Farmable

Abakashiva, The Pineapple God

42 of 42 | Farmable

Master Triad, the Green Face

33 of 33 | Free Farmable

Master Triad, the Red Face

33 of 33 | Free Farmable

Master Triad, the Blue Face

33 of 33 | Free Farmable

> The Drop goes live at 1:37PM EST on 6/8/2021 <

What’s next for Mafriends? In their own words…

We don’t know, and this is exciting!

We came a long way from the beginning until now. What started as a simple play developed in a strong partnership.

We definitely don’t lack ideas for the future of Mafriends and want to explore more possibilities of digital + physical, from simple stuff like in “Chapter 2: Uni Omnibus Idem” where NFT collectors also receive a Fine Art print, to more complex things.

We’ll release more NFTs of “The Hidden Chapter” series and publish details about the collection game on our medium.

We’re fascinated by storytelling, games and puzzles, so maybe more of it will come involving our NFTs, who knows?

We’re always thinking about ways to generate more value for our collectors and it’s really rewarding to know that there are people who enjoy and are impacted by our work somehow.

Inside Mafriends Creative Process:

The act of creating isn’t only about inspiration, it must be exercised. In general, some artists fall in the system and end up lending their talent and sensibility to other people’s ideas. There’s nothing wrong about that, but it could be a little more balanced, allowing personal projects to breathe is one of the ultimate challenges for these artists — with whom I fit in.

The “Ancient Entities” drop is the result of an epic battle between my creative verve and my daily routine as an illustrator and graphic designer. My professional artwork is quite different from what we see here and the reason for it is: freedom.


We’ve invited Remo back for his first re-drop on $MEME! This means you can start staking now in the existing pool to redeem NFTs when they release and go live on the 10th.

The Crypto Age : Heroes and Villains

Available exclusively on MEME on 6/10 @ 1:37 EST

Remo describes his drop in his own words:

The Crypto Age: Heroes and Villains is the first look at my upcoming, Meme-centric, NFT Crypto Graphic Novel. In this series, I explore fictitious characters through Meme culture, Popular culture, and Crypto culture. In a mash-up of pop icons and crypto art, I bring you a stylized drop that questions the intentions and behavior of various Crypto legends as seen through my cynical, comic book style lens. These are the first characters from this universe, 8 unique works. Keep your eye out for the pineapples and welcome to The Crypto Age.

The Doger

1 of 1 | Auction

Captain Ethereum

1 of 1 | Auction

Meme Girl

10 of 10 | Farmable

Harley Quidd

15 of 15 | Farmable

The Crypto Age

25 of 25 | Farmable


50 of 50 | Farmable


Meme Girl in Pink

The Crypto Age : Heroes and Villains goes live exclusively on MEME on 6/10 @ 1:37 EST