Artist Series Week #7

We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap are done at the artist’s discretion.

  • Anthony Sims | 5/25
  • Twerky Club | 5/26
  • Emotionull | 5/29

Anthony Sims

Visit Anthony Sims’ Creator Profile & Drop

Anthony Sims is an American painter from Memphis, TN, living in Dallas, TX. Anthony’s artwork has been described as chaotic and brutal yet peaceful.In 2020 he became one of the youngest artists to ever be accepted into a physical museum’s permanent collection with two works in the Meridian Museum of Art. Anthony also created his own NFT museum, the “Sims NFT Museum,” that focuses on collecting New School Expressionist.

Anthony describes his own work as, “the one emotion I find myself going back to is the contemplation of my own death. But it’s not done in a dark way — that’s why I like the way my skeletons look. My skeletons aren’t scary; they’re calm looking, even among the chaos of bold colors and geometric figures. There are so many things that I want to talk about but I can’t, and so I paint.”

Here’s some insight into Anthony’s creative process in his own words:

Wu Wei — effortless action. My art is created not by me but through me. I interpret life and existence and let it flow naturally through my art. I do not know what I am going to create and occasionally I will have pools of color fill my imagination not making any form but just colors merging together. This is one core factor of my artistic inspiration.

I get these visions but not in the fairy tale way. Just if I close my eyes and have a strong feeling I can sometimes see certain colors and these colors are usually similar but the way they interact with each other is always different. Once I have this is when I paint. When I paint, I think of nothing. If I try to paint, I fail. If I get out of my own way and let the canvas come to life, I tend to get much cooler results.
— Anthony Sims, 2021

The Drop: New School Expressionism

Anthony Sims’ drop starts at 13:37 PM EST on 5/25/2021

Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism existed before the internet and these two time periods have inspired a generation of digital artists some of whom have never even picked up a paint brush. I call this genre of our current digital art renaissance, “New School Expressionism.”

This drop is a special one, consisting of only 4 individual 1-of-1 auctions. Notably, Anthony has recently sold his latest piece for 24 ETH.

Blue Man
Your average blue man. | 1 of 1 Auction

I got your back no matter the circumstances, I will be there for you. | 1 of 1 Auction

La Pina Loca
Genesis Pineapple | 1 of 1 Auction

Talk to Me
Frustration in conversation. | 1 of 1 Auction

Twerky Club

Visit Twerky Club’s Creator Profile & Drop

Known as the “Meta Meme”, Twerky is a digital artists that was born on-chain. Inspired by NFT and DeFi culture, they have built their collection using events and milestones around these topics. They have collaborated with people like Pranksy, gmoney, Robness, Kenn Bosak and other NFT artists and personalities.

The Drop: Twerky Art 🎨 🐸

Twerky Club’s drop starts at 13:37 PM EST on 5/26/2021

Twerky Art is a series based on popular art pieces taken to Twerky’s world to show the current state of DeFi and NFT culture. From classics to contemporary art, Twerky intervents the art world to bring fun and a different point of view to the Crypto Art Revolution.

The Twerky Scream
1 of 1 Auction

The Son of Max I. Malist
10 of 10 | .5 ETH + 30 Pineapples

Twerky Balloon Dog
25 of 25 | .1 ETH + 15 Pineapples

Cryptoart’s NFT Can
50 of 50 | .05 ETH + 10 Pineapples

Twerk is in the Air
15 of 15 | Free + 20 Pineapples


Visit Emotionull’s Creator Profile & Drop

A pseudonym bodied by daily artist Bryce Goodwin (age 23, born in Long Beach, CA) is not just a charming username; Null as he is known colloquially uses his work to convey emotion and his deepest inner thought to his audience. Beginning his artistic journey inspired by his maternal grandmother, an art teacher, who encouraged him to express himself creatively, though it wasn’t until adulthood that he began honing his skill.

The Drop: Phetta’s Universe

Emotionull’s drop starts at 13:37 PM EST on 5/29/2021

Detective Phetta is a world and character I’ve created in the pure sense of freedom. Growing up i’ve always been a huge fan of cartoon network and adult swim. I’ve always wanted to create a weird/scary and funny universe. The arc of Pheta is also the beginning of my digital era.

Explore the explosive universe of Phettas world. Detective Phetta is always on the hunt, with each case diving deeper into this abstract world. Join us and be free from the restraints of the real world.

Each piece I make the assets are made by hand in VR, the music is made by me typically unless stated otherwise.

Pineapple Phetta
1 of 1 | Auction

To The Moon
10 of 10 | 0.5 ETH + 30 Pineapples

In The Clouds
25 of 25| 0.1 ETH + 20 Pineapples

Family Photo
50 of 50 | 0.05ETH + 10 Pineapples




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