We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re making adjustments to make artist series pools more economical, including physical and free components from select artists pools this week.

We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap is done at the artist’s discretion.

Artist Series Week #5

  • Tyler Russo | 5/11
  • The Gremlins present: Baugasm| 5/12
  • Junkyard | 5/13
  • Spongenuity | 5/14
  • Special Featured Artist Drop ( Chris Potter ) | 5/15

Tyler Russo

Tyler is an artist living in Los Angeles who has experience developing lots of short films for various comedy platforms such as Adult Swim, Funny or Die, and others with a strong background in CG Animation. He’s also an avid gamer and allegedly 4,000 years old.

Tyler first heard about MEME from the 0xb1 contest which he was a finalist for. We decided to bring him onto MEME to debut his first drop because of how much love the pieces he made for the 0xb1 contest had received.

The Drop: The Lucky Cat Collection

Tyler Russo’s: “The Lucky Cat Collection” drops on 5/11 @ 13:37 EST

I like Lucky Cats a lot. My grandparents had one growing up that I was super into. I want to do another series of these in the future with new cats, but these particular ones are all going to be meme exclusive/only available in this drop.

Auction (1 of 1)

Farmable (10 of 10)
30 Pineapples
.5 ETH + 30 Pineapples

Farmable (50 of 50)
.05 ETH + 15 Pineapples

Farmable (100 of 100)
No Minting Fee + 15 Pineapples

The Gremlins

Our arrival coincides with the moon orbiting the earth. We bring only our best. This is our Genesis

Don’t feed us after Midnight 👹

The Drop

The Gremlins present: Baugasm drops on 5/12 @ 13:37 EST

It doesn’t get much cooler than Baugasm. Combining the geometric aesthetic of Bauhaus with the energy of a vibrant orgasm, Baugasm was created in 2016 by the Albanian artist Vasjen Katro and has become an instantly-recognizable icon of graphic design. For 3 years Vasjen created a-poster-a-day with the mission to continually inspire himself and in the process attracted collaborators like Adobe, Apple, Coca-Cola, Mac Cosmetics, a jaw-dropping installation in Times Square, and many more.

In the last two years, Vasjen has slowed his every-days in favor of exploring new mediums and giving back to his community through offering free workshops, video how-to’s, and even Iphone backgrounds. Now, Vasjen is excited to enter NFTs and the incredible community around them and is presenting his first collection of work as Baugasm in partnership with Meme and The Gremlins.

Farmable (10 of 10)

Farmable (75 of 75)


Junk Yard’s art is the embodiment of the American dream seen from the wrong side of the tracks. Bold, gritty, and unapologetic, his work takes on iconic imagery and shows the viewer what’s hiding just beneath the surface. Born in South Africa, this prolific artist now lives in Los Angeles where he creates all of his work. Everything is created in his studio in Downtown LA in the Arts District.

The Drop: I’m Already Dead

Junkyard’s Drop “I’m Already Dead” drops on 5/13 @ 13:37 EST

This collection is inspired by the early days of animation of the 1920’s-30’s but with a darker twist to it. The phrase “I’m Already Dead” being a slightly morbid ode to the creators from that era that has passed away.

Auction (1 of 1)

The winner of the auction will receive this 24" x 36" canvas black in black acrylic shipped to them! Please send shipping information to dontbuy@dontbuymeme.com

24" x 36" canvas black in black acrylic

Farmable (10 of 10)
Pineapples + .5 ETH

Farmable (50 of 50)
30 Pineapples + .05 ETH

Farmable (100 of 100)
Pineapples + .025 ETH

Farmable (10 of 10)
45 Pineapples + No Minting Fee


Spongenuity is back! We’ve invited one of the original $MEME artists back to take the stage this week for their first re-drop.

The Drop: MEMEorialized

Spongenuity’s Drop “MEMEorialized” drops on 5/14 @ 13:37 EST

Paying Homage to MEME, the community and some of the elements that create it.

The Pool, The Farm, The Yield & The Citadel.

Inspired by the retrowave aesthetic, Spongenuity has reimagined these elements to create a MEME mini world.

They have also included a few special physical pieces to go with “The Pool” and “The Citadel”

Auction (1 of 1)

The winner will receive a physical hoodie! Email shipping address to dontbuy@dontbuymeme.com

Farmable (10 of 10)
45 Pineapples + .5 ETH

The winner will receive a physical hoodie! Email shipping address to dontbuy@dontbuymeme.com

Farmable (50 of 50)
30 Pineapples + .1 ETH Minting Fee

Farmable (100 of 100)
15 Pineapples + No Minting Fee

Calling All Digital Artists!

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