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We have a lot of new and exciting drops lined up for this week’s Artist Series. Including our very first double-auction, one of the highest-ranked battle rappers of all time, and the most OG of meme artists the world has to offer.

  • 5/4 |@lushsux
  • 5/6 | JC Rivera
  • 5/7 | Hollow Da Don


@lushsux is the first and therefore best meme artist. He now sells JPEGs for a living. Inspired from the depths of /biz on 4chan, @lushsux brings his favorite memes to his drop — Green Wojak, Pink Wojak, and of course, Pepe.

Some guy told him he should sell JPEG’s for innanet money, and that’s exactly what he did. The origin story is truly fascinating. He originally heard about $MEME from his Uncle, who works at Nintendo.

When asking @lushsux about what he found interesting about what the $MEME project is doing, he had this to say:

I like memes and I put pineapple on my pizza.
-@lushsux, 2021

What else excited you about NFTs? Where will they be in 3 years?:

Making furries on Twitter very angry. In 3 years, NFTs will be in museums… Ripley’s Believe It or Not that is. Nah, it’ll be big time by then in my humble opinion.

We had to know. How does @lushsux do it? We asked for more insight into their creative process — the sublime response was compelling beyond words, but we tried out best to capture all the details:

Wear crocs, eat your vegetables and take your vitamins brother.

The Drop — “I Sell JPEGS for 100K”

The drop is based on my fave memes from biz on 4chan. Green wojak, pink wojak and Pepe.

⏰@lushsux’s Drop “I Sell JPEGS for 100K” drops on 5/4 @ 13:37 EST

I sell JPEGS for 100K


Cheers innanet funny money — Pepe

Farmable (10 of 10)
45 Pineapples

Green Wojack

Farmable (50 of 50)
30 Pineapples

Pink Wojak

Farmable (100 of 100)
15 Pineapples

⏰@lushsux’s Drop “I Sell JPEGS for 100K” drops on 5/4 @ 13:37 EST

JC Rivera

JC Rivera is a living artist currently staying in Chicago traveling the world doing commissions and now focusing attention on NFTs. The thing JC Rivera finds most interesting about what we’re doing here at meme is the artistic collaboration.

“Typically, artists find their own inspiration and don’t like the direction but it seems like most artists including myself are instantly motivated by the community to start painting pineapples!”

The Drop — “The Bear Champ”

This is a collection of my different bear characters, I wanted to showcase them to the community of $MEME.

Something special about this drop, unlike any before it at $MEME…

This is our first double-auction! The best of both worlds…

JC Rivera has created two versions of his 1 of 1 NFT in two unique mediums — one digitally animated, and one painted with acrylics on canvas. The lucky winner of the physical will be able to supply their shipping information to receive the physical canvas by emailing, along with the NFT!

JC Rivera’s Drop “The Bear Champ” drops on 5/6 @ 13:37 EST

Beat it up — Animated

Auction #1 (1 of 1)

Beat it up — Acrylic

Auction #2 (1 of 1 NFT + Physical Canvas)

The winner of “Beat it up — Acrylic” will also receive a 24"x24" canvas painted in acrylics physical item. Please email

Chunky Boy

Farmable (10 of 10)
45 Pineapples

Love is

Farmable (50 of 50)
30 Pineapples

Face off

Farmable (100 of 100)
15 Pineapples

JC Rivera’s Drop “The Bear Champ” drops on 5/6 @ 13:37 EST

What’s next for you as a digital artist?

I’m just getting my feet wet so it’s hard to say but I love what’s being created And I wanna be a part of it so learning animation and 3-D arts might be something I do here in the near future.

Hollow Da Don

Hollow Da Don is a world-renowned battle rapper/ Philanthropist who has crossed over into the Crypto-world to create “Crypto Flow” — where rap and hip hop meet NFTs. He is also the founder of the global brand L.O.M “Loyalty Over Money”.

Hollow is famously known for his battle rap career, where he is consistently ranked as one of the greatest of all time. He has famously versed off against Joe Budden, Loaded Lux, Dizaster, Pat Stay, among many others where views are collectively over 30 million views.

The Drop — “Crypto Flow”

Hollow is joined by two other hip-hop heavyweights for this drop: Mike Zombie who is best known for the production of Drake’s grammy-nominated single “Started from the Bottom” as well as visual effects specialist and videographer Kyle “Avocado” Gray who’s worked on the visual effects for an incredible line-up of movies on IMDb.

To celebrate the first hip-hop music drop on $MEME, we’re reducing the number of pineapples needed to mint in the pool.

Hollow’s drop “Crypto Flow” drops on 5/7 @ 13:37 EST

Crypto Flow

Auction (1 of 1)

  • The winner of this NFT will receive VIP access to Hollow Da Don’s next rap battle.


Farmable (10 of 10)
15 Pineapples

Nexo Wallet

Farmable (25 of 25)
10 Pineapples

No(n) Profit

Farmable (50 of 50)
5 Pineapples

Hollow’s drop “Crypto Flow” drops on 5/7 @ 13:37 EST

We got a chance to catch up with Hollow and ask him more about his love for the NFT space and MEME:

What excites you about NFTs and/or DeFi?

I love how the market is built around art that doesn’t have a glass ceiling. It’s always the consumer to put a price tag on it. Most of my content is agenda-free for a select few that might have similar beleifs. I feel im perfect for this space.

What’s next for you as an artist?

More NFTs in the fall & big rap battle coming soon. Don’t forget to shop at

Describe Creative Process — Anything special here? Anything you’d like readers to know about you as an artist?

Crypto Flow is the beginning of something major of two industries together.

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