Artist Series Week #10

  • Vegard Aarhus | MEMEFace and Friends | 6/29 @ 6PM
  • Tyrone Doyle | A strangely whimsical world | 6/31 @ 1:37 PM

Vegard Aarhus

Vegard is a 3D Artist from Norway, born among sheep and fjords in the north. I am the creator of Fred, Mathilda, and other crazy creatures.

The Drop — MEMEFace and Friends

MEMEFace and Friends is dropping 6/29 at 6PM EST.

View the drop here

MEMEface is born from Mathilda and appears on all the art pieces. They are all insane, twisted, and enjoy each other’s company…

MEMEface is not like Fred and the others, MEMEface has no emotions and is a bit of a psychopath. He was born with a dead smile on his face and he always looks that way. On three of the pieces in this drop, he gets thrown around and shaken up by Fred, Mathilda, and Oddyn. But in the last piece (1/1) he has had enough of their shit, and has finally made an end to the mistreatment…

Don’t Buy MEME Face

Auction — 1 of 1

Don’t Buy Oddyn

Farmable— 50 of 50

Don’t Buy Mathilda

Farmable — 20 of 20

Don’t Buy Fred

Farmable — 10 of 10

Tyrone Doyle

Tyrone Doyle (@tyronejkd) is a 3D Motion Designer & Crypto Artist, digitizing his dream states. He has created work at some of the world’s top design studios for clients including Barclays, Bayer, Starbucks, BP, BAT, Alienware, Seat & Forward Festival.

The Drop — A strangely whimsical world

A strangely whimsical world is dropping on MEME 6/31 @ 1:37 EST

For his drop, Tyrone created strangely whimsical objects predicting the future of $MEME.

His prediction? —See for yourself. If you can figure it out, let us know.

drone with a golden pineapple

Auction — 1 of 1

pak lost his pineapple

10 of 10 — Farmable

whimsical world of vertex

50 of 50 — Farmable

feeling bullish

100 of 100 — Farmable

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