Announcing: Meme Protocol, Yield Farming meets NFTs 🍍

Meme: an experiment in NFT Farming.

What do you get when you mix YAM with CryptoKitties?

The Meme Protocol, of course. But instead of farming for yield, DeFi users stake assets to earn limited edition NFT memes from some of the top artists in Ethereum.

Announcing today: the first batch of 🍍 NFTs. Ready to farm now.

Launching today: the Meme Protocol, an experiment in DeFi yield farming and crypto collectibles

The Catalyst

Eleven days ago, $MEME started from a spontaneous “flash mob” token creation event just minutes after a satirical tweet mocked the YOLO nature of some DeFi development practices.

Then, against all odds (and irony) it evolved into a thriving, passionate community experimenting with DeFi and art.

Meme is a decentralized protocol for farming NFTs. Our “money lego” bricks include: staking, governance, fair distribution, and crypto collectibles.

Mint Legendary Vitalik by locking up Uniswap ETH/MEME LP tokens

The Launch

Today, the Meme Protocol launches alongside the Genesis Collections of NFTs.

The initial $MEME NFT collections will be distributed across two unique staking pools: Genesis, where the user locks up $MEME, and Genesis LP, where NFTs are minted by depositing Uniswap ETH/MEME LP tokens, thus also rewarding the platform and the community by boosting token liquidity.

The reward for staking is the ability to own brand-new, exclusive crypto collectibles.

Genesis Collection

For every $MEME locked up in the Genesis pool you earn ~1 pineapple point per day. You may lock up to 5 $MEME at any given time.

With enough pineapples you can mint an NFT of your choice:

  1. Meme Grail [Relic]
  2. Vitalik Buterin [Common]
  3. Vitalik Buterin [Rare]
  4. Sergey Nazarov [Common]
  5. Sergey Nazarov [Rare]
  6. CZ (Binance)[ Common]
  7. CZ (Binance)[ Rare]

The total supply and number of pineapples needed to mint vary by rarity.

Genesis — LP Collection

Staking UNI LP Tokens in the Genesis LP pool earns you up to 5 LP pineapples per day, depending how how much you stake.

With enough LP pineapples you can mint a legendary NFT of your choice:

  1. Vitalik Buterin [Legendary]
  2. Sergey Nazarov [ Legendary]
  3. CZ (Binance)[ Legendary]

More cards dropping soon!

View the memenomics here:

Please note: there is no auto minting of NFTs. When you have farmed enough pineapples, you must come back to the site, select your NFT and submit a claiming transaction.

A Chainlink Pepe found only in the Meme Genesis pool

The Protocol

Built by a team of Ethereum natives, the Meme Protocol features:

  • Experiments mashing up innovations in DeFi and crypto collectibles
  • No rebasing!
  • Fair distribution of underlying tokens by way of early community airdrop
  • A passionate community motivated by lols, not lambos

The Meme smart contracts borrow from established, open source contracts including Synthetix and OpenSea.

🐱 + 🍠 = 🍍

The Future

The Meme Protocol is ultimately controlled by $MEME token holders. Holders of 100 $MEME or more comprise of the Meme Citadel, currently the governing organization of the protocol.

Future initiatives include:

  • Additional NFT collections of the top crypto memes
  • Exclusive partnerships with DeFi projects
  • Meme DAO: Future governing body of the Meme Protocol
  • On-chain artist compensation tools
  • Explorations into gaming
Fair distribution: the largest $MEME holders own less than 3% of tokens

The Genesis Collection has dropped: Start farming now

The Details

Protocol Launch: 10AM ET, August 26th, 2020







Contracts: Token | Genesis Pool | Genesis LP Pool | NFT

Total Supply: 28,000 (largest holder < 3%)

Distribution: Fair distribution to early community members via airdrop


Audits: None. The creators of Meme have made reasonable efforts to ensure the security of the contracts. Our contracts pull from existing well-audited projects and have solicited reviews from others. Given meaningful traction, a professional audit is sure to come. However, at this time, please use caution.




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