7/29 | Matt Szczur | For The Love of The Game


Matt Szczur

Matt Szczur is a professional baseball player and 2016 World Series Champion who began his art career by raising money through his paintings for multiple nonprofit organizations, including his own. Being a professional athlete, he draws inspiration from sports stars and iconic moments in sports history. Szczur has been painting his signature skeleton to symbolize his bone marrow donation to a baby Ukranian girl, saving her life.

For The Love of The Game

Drops 7/29 @ 1:37 EST


Parrott_ism has been invited to take the stage at $MEME today! Bringing with him 4 unique and exclusive #NFT drops: 3 farmables and a 1-of-1 auction.

Summer Love

Summer Love focuses heavily on color, shape, and feeling. I try to capture the emotions of the summers throughout my life. Love, heartbreak, dreams, peaks and valleys.

My $meme drop is an exploration into another style that I have been developing over the past 2 years. It focuses heavily on color, shape, and feeling. I try to capture the emotions of the summers throughout my life. Love, heartbreak, dreams, peaks and valleys.

Summer Love is dropping 7/22 @ 13:37 EST >> HERE <<


Auction 1-of-1

This week we have a re-drop from a community collective, a pool with physical redeemables, and a pool that has a free NFT to mint if you’re quick enough to scoop it up!

  • The Gremlins Presents: TokBlok | Photochemical Leftover (7/14)
  • David Kaye | Within the Hoods (7/15)
  • Robert Bowen | Blasphemous Nature (7/16)

The Gremlins Presents: TokBlok

Photochemical Leftover | 7/14 @ 13:37 EST

>>View the Drop <<

About the Drop

Such a fun drop. The best drop. You have never seen such a drop. Grandma’s calling ya on the horn, telling you to pick it up, because it’s worth a lot of money, and that money doesn’t grow on trees. Listen to…

Nathan Head is dropping To Be Young Again on MEME July 9th @ 13:37 ET

About Nathan Head:
Nathan Head’s color-rich work captures the mundane in a refreshed nostalgic light. He is inspired by Korean pop music and its accompanying visuals, which is often reflected in his colorful oceans and snapshot-style cityscapes.

The Drop: To Be Young Again
To Be Young Again drops July 9th @ 13:37 ET — Click Here

This drop explores the theme of youth through a colorful and summery aesthetic. It’s inspired by summer vacations as a child, endless hours of playing on handheld games consoles…

Today kicks off our 2-day event taking place 7/8 and 7/10 for Rare Designer’s MEGA Rare Auction for his “Don’t Be Anonymous” series.

The 2-day event will feature 10 unique one-of-one NFTs, each available for auction. Plus one bonus NFT!

  • Vegard Aarhus | MEMEFace and Friends | 6/29 @ 6PM
  • Tyrone Doyle | A strangely whimsical world | 6/31 @ 1:37 PM

Vegard Aarhus

Vegard is a 3D Artist from Norway, born among sheep and fjords in the north. I am the creator of Fred, Mathilda, and other crazy creatures.

The Drop — MEMEFace and Friends

MEMEFace and Friends is dropping 6/29 at 6PM EST.

We have a very special drop going love on MEME tomorrow, not only with rare digital art but a super rare physical item to go along with it, too.

Travis Scott Dunk — Multiverses goes live 6/25 @ 1:37 EST

View The Drop Here

Travis Scott Dunk — Multiverses

A year ago, I collaborated with Lobby Hamburg and Nike SB on a digital artwork piece for the release of the NikeSB Travis Scott Dunk. Back then my contribution to the project was a CGI environment in which I included a complete 3D scan of the sneaker. The focus was to showcase the shoe in the digital multiverse. Lobby and…

Today marks a special day in MEME history as Simon Wan has geared up his drop “OBLIQUITY” — set to release today, June 1st, at 1:37 EST.

View the drop here

About ‘OBLIQUITY’ by Simon Wan

Simon Wan describes OBLIQUITY as:
A series of neon, loud, non-looping, hyper, audiovisual portraits of 21 characters from the 21st century that are 21 seconds each. A collection that can only exist in the digital world, unless I make them into a flick book and stand behind you with a boom-box and shout stuff while you fiddle with my artistic junk.


2 physical artworks are available for auction! The winner can share…

Today we’re happy to announce Ponygirl is dropping on MEME at 1:37 EST!

About Ponygirl:

Born in Boston, now located in Northern WA, I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. It’s always been the absolute best outlet and therapy for me. As a super introverted person, photography opened the gates for me to finally be able to share my emotions and connect with others about theirs. I’ve started to mix motion with my photography, and that has given me the ability to execute my visions more clearly. …

MEME presents Artist Series Week #9, with a new artist featuring a spiritual twist and a familiar one who’s back for a re-drop!

  • Mafriends | Ancient Entities | 6/8
  • REMO | The Crypto Age: Heroes and Villains | 6/10


Mafriends is an art collective from Brazil created by lucasgabd and Daniel Gnattali. Art transformed our lives entirely and one of our goals is to use this energy to be able to bring beauty and joy to the world.

Mafriends got started working together to take part in art contests at Bitcointalk.org Lucas has been following the NFT universe since the…

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