Nibble Bits is no stranger to the $MEME community as they were recently selected as a winning finalist for 0xb1’s art competition.. but they didn’t stop there. We’re excited to announce they are back with a full Artist Series drop on $MEME!

Nibble Bits will be the first drop on MEME v2 with 3 pineapple-themed exclusive NFTs available for farming and a boss 1/1 auction that will go to the highest bidder.

Nibble Bits is a creative duo from London, England with over a decade of visual effects experience on shows like Jungle Book, for which they won an Oscar…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock near a pineapple under the sea, you’re well aware that “Wen v2” has become a meme in itself among the community.

Well, we can all put that meme to rest because we have good news…

The highly anticipated launch of MEME v2 is now live!


For what has felt like a decade in the world of DeFi and crypto, it’s only been 8 months since Jordan Lyall’s silly-gone-viral “degenerator” tweet. …

A playbook on farming limited edition NFTs on the new MEME 2.0

$MEME is a passionate community experimenting at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs. Users can stake (temporarily deposit) tokens to earn limited edition NFT art and collectibles.

This week we launched a new, improved to thousands of passionate pineapple farmers.

In MEME v2 we’ve moved some things around and it might need some getting used to. But this guide should help you get started.

Step 0 — Put some $MEME tokens in your web3 wallet

For starters, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask or Ledger.


Odious is dropping on $MEME, and with him, are 3 exclusive NFTs available for mint and a 1/1 auction.

Everyone at $MEME is ecstatic to announce that Odious has created a collection of NFTs only available on our platform. As we gear up for v2, this will be the last drop until the official release. So this is your great opportunity for you to put those pineapples to work to get the last drop on MEME v1.

Odious is a 22-year-old artist making art based on experience and emotion.

I like to think of myself as the architect for your…

The Block Times is back with another historic drop that tokenizes some of $MEME’s most significant moments this year to date.

Think of it as proof of attendance for being a $MEME OG, but now you don’t have to say you were there for it — you can prove it.

This is your chance to get your hands on 4 digital collectible newspaper NFTs created by The Block Times that commemorates the innovation happening at $MEME and immortalizes the most memorable events for our community this year:

  • MEME Hosting 0x_b1’s art competition — the single largest prize pool for an…

MEME will focus on DeFi. Nifty’s will focus on big brands and a mainstream audience.


  • MEME founders team up with other blockchain and media pros to create Nifty’s, a new NFT platform with social galleries and powerful publishing tools
  • Nifty’s buys into MEME, expanding the MEME universe, and will leverage the MEME token going forward
  • Nifty’s investors include Mark Cuban, Joseph Lubin, 0xb1, Biz Stone, and other leading crypto VCs
  • MEME doubles down on DeFi and community, plotting a course to decentralization
  • The much-anticipated MEME v2 is set to launch on April 12th 2021

MEME = Community

Last Summer, MEME blazed the path for a DeFi-infused NFT platform. …

Remo takes the stage at $MEME, bringing 3 exclusive NFTs available for mint and one for auction.

The $MEME team is thrilled to announce that Remo will be dropping 4 new NFTs you can only grab for a limited time.

Remo, a multidisciplinary artist who works across genres, with a background in fine art, graffiti, design, illustration, film, animation, and sound. A true renaissance man, influenced by punk and pop culture, using a DIY ethos on the streets in the 90s, has been working in digital art since 1992. …

On behalf of the MEME team and the whole MEME community, we want to thank 0xB1 for allowing us to participate in some of the fantastic work they are doing to reward and promote DeFi.

It was great to see the community come together to create beautiful works commemorating some of the top DeFi protocols.

  • In Round 1, the judges narrowed down just 54 finalists from over 500 submissions received! Each protocol had nine finalists each.
  • In Round 2, the community voted and narrowed down 9 finalists to just 3 winners per group.
  • Now, the top 3 winners from each…

To celebrate the “MOMENT 4: Pizza Day” release, Bitcoin Origins partners with $MEME on another collection in their existing staking pool — stake your $MEME for your chance to earn exclusive MEME-themed Bitcoin Origins NFTs. Plus, a one of one original that will be available for auction.

Stake $MEME and mint special Bitcoin Origins NFT collectibles

Bitcoin Origins is an exclusive collection of digital collectible cards immortalizing the most significant moments in Bitcoin’s history.

In total, the collection will consist of 3 series with 5 moments in each series (15 Moments total) crafted by some of the world’s most talented artists.

To celebrate the release of their Moment 4…

Token holders of each project can vote on finalists starting Tuesday Mar 2

As announced last month, $MEME is hosting the @0xb1 Commemorative NFT Art Competition with total prizes equalling $150,000 USD in tokens.

We wanted to see unique art commemorating @0x_b1’s involvement in six of the top projects in DeFi: BadgerDAO, Uniswap, KeeperDAO, Alpha Finance, Yflink, and Yaxis.

The response was incredible… over 500 entries!!! The $MEME community is a talented bunch!

Last Friday, MEME assembled a panel of artists and NFT insiders to select nine finalists for each project (54 total). …

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