0x_b1 Commemorative NFT Art Competition

As our community at grows more and more, we’re learning that $MEME isn’t just the crossroads where DeFi and NFTs meet — but a place where artists and community members can come together, collaborate, and connect. What better way to foster this growth than the spirit of a good competition?

The $MEME team is happy and honored to announce the inaugural 0x_b1 art competition. With a $150,000 USD prize pool and 18 total winners, this is a crypto community event you won’t want to miss!

0x_b1 is an active member of the DeFi community, widely known for their support and dedication to the success of DeFi projects in crypto, namely: Uniswap, BadgerDAO, KeeperDAO, Alpha Finance, Yflink, and Yaxis. Ox_b1’s direct involvement in these projects has helped further propel DeFi into the future of finance. It’s time to celebrate 0x_b1’s many achievements as a true pioneer of our industry.


The Competition

We’re looking for unique art commemorating @0x_b1’s involvement in six of the top projects in DeFi.

  • BadgerDAO
  • Uniswap
  • KeeperDAO
  • Alpha Finance
  • Yflink
  • Yaxis

Each project has a prize pool of $12,500 attached to it in their native cryptocurrency, as well as $12,500 in tokens for the other project’s listed — meaning, each project has a pool of $25,000.

There will be 3 winning NFTs selected for each pool and 18 winners in total.


Round 1
MEME will assemble a panel of artists and NFT insiders to choose 9 finalists for each project (54 total)

Round 2
The community will vote to award 3 winners for each project (18 total)

Following the conclusion of the contest, MEME will mint and release the 18 winning NFTs on the MEME platform.

Competition Timeline

  • Feb 15 Announcement. Submissions open
  • Feb 25 Submissions closed
  • Feb 27 Round 1: Panel of judges
  • Mar 1 Finalists announced
  • Mar 1 Round 2: Community voting begins
  • Mar 4 Community voting ends
  • Mar 5 Winners announced and payouts made
  • Mar 6 Users can stake to earn winning NFTs on MEME

Enter your submission at:

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