Today we’re happy to announce Ponygirl is dropping on MEME at 1:37 EST!

About Ponygirl:

Born in Boston, now located in Northern WA, I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. It’s always been the absolute best outlet and therapy for me. As a super introverted person, photography opened the gates for me to finally be able to share my emotions and connect with others about theirs. I’ve started to mix motion with my photography, and that has given me the ability to execute my visions more clearly. …

MEME presents Artist Series Week #9, with a new artist featuring a spiritual twist and a familiar one who’s back for a re-drop!

  • Mafriends | Ancient Entities | 6/8
  • REMO | The Crypto Age: Heroes and Villains | 6/10


Mafriends is an art collective from Brazil created by lucasgabd and Daniel Gnattali. Art transformed our lives entirely and one of our goals is to use this energy to be able to bring beauty and joy to the world.

Mafriends got started working together to take part in art contests at Lucas has been following the NFT universe since the…

We’re happy to announce that we have two very talented artists making their way to the MEME platform this week!

  • Lucas Guzman | 🎮 MEME Game 👾| 6/2
  • James McDermott | Great Memes of Chaos | 6/3

Lucas Guzman

Lucas is a 3D artist, or in his own words, a ‘Digital Blacksmith’ who is Argentinian living in Amsterdam. In the past few years, after making renders and visuals and 3D printing for different fashion companies, he decided to start producing 3D assets for video games, VR experiences, and other interactive media, like NFTs.

What excites you about being on MEME?
You guys are…

We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap are done at the artist’s discretion.

  • Anthony Sims | 5/25
  • Twerky Club | 5/26
  • Emotionull | 5/29

Anthony Sims

Visit Anthony Sims’ Creator Profile & Drop

Anthony Sims is an American painter from Memphis, TN, living in Dallas, TX. Anthony’s artwork has been described as chaotic and brutal yet peaceful.In 2020 he became one of the youngest artists to ever be accepted into a physical museum’s permanent collection with two works in the Meridian Museum of Art. …

>> View the Drop <<

The feedback from the community has been heard: More farmable NFTs without minting fees that aren’t just free — but proven quality collectibles. The Block Times has stepped up to the plate and offered to create art for the community to help bring MEME back to its roots and provide farmable rare and collectible digital art for free.


The Block Times is MEME’s first resident artist and will be exclusively dropping their weekly digital NFT newspaper every Monday at 5:00pm ET. Each drop will include a 1/1 auction (The Gilded Edition), a free 10/10 (The…

We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap are done at the artist’s discretion.

Artist Series Week #6

  • Dominic Glover| 5/19
  • Nahiko | 5/20
  • Kristy Glas| 5/21
  • Special Pool | 5/23 (TBA: Wednesday)

Dominic Glover

Dominic Glover’s experience started out like any artist’s: starting with an idea and bringing it to life. Since 2013, Dominic has been working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer by creating works that have been published and licensed by the likes of Marvel Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Pulsar Entertainment and more.

Dominic first heard about MEME…

$MEME is bringing a very special guest artist to the platform this Saturday who is making waves in the NFT world as he has in the fine art world.

Chris Potter is a full-time plein air painter — a rare breed in the world of fine art where his talent manifests itself with a paintbrush and canvas— live on-scene at the location he sets up at.

Last December Beeple approached us with the idea of doing an NFT drop on MEME. In the six months since then, we have had many conversations about the right way to structure it. Despite everyone’s best efforts, our teams have not been able to come to terms on an arrangement. All parties thought this could happen and sought a solution to avoid disappointing the community.

Unfortunately, for now, Beeple will not be doing a collaboration with MEME.

While it’s hard to share this unfortunate news, it’s an opportunity for us to remind ourselves what MEME is all about: innovation, fun…

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re making adjustments to make artist series pools more economical, including physical and free components from select artists pools this week.

We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap is done at the artist’s discretion.

Artist Series Week #5

  • Tyler Russo | 5/11
  • The Gremlins present: Baugasm| 5/12
  • Junkyard | 5/13
  • Spongenuity | 5/14
  • Special Featured Artist Drop ( Chris Potter ) | 5/15

Tyler Russo

Tyler is an artist living in Los Angeles who has experience developing lots of short films for various comedy platforms…

This week on MEME…

We have a lot of new and exciting drops lined up for this week’s Artist Series. Including our very first double-auction, one of the highest-ranked battle rappers of all time, and the most OG of meme artists the world has to offer.

  • 5/4 |@lushsux
  • 5/6 | JC Rivera
  • 5/7 | Hollow Da Don


@lushsux is the first and therefore best meme artist. He now sells JPEGs for a living. Inspired from the depths of /biz on 4chan, @lushsux brings his favorite memes to his drop — Green Wojak, Pink Wojak, and of course, Pepe.

Some guy…

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